It can be difficult to choose the right  family computer given the wealth of options available on the market today. Browsing online PC retailers will give you an overview of what’s available but always consider how the various members of your family are going to use this piece of equipment before making your decision.

Laptops, tablets and desktops – the right choice for your family will come down to more than just budget or brand.


Your Unique Family

One of the main things to consider is how your family will use the new computer and whether you’d like something portable or a stationary device. Laptops and tablets have the benefit that each family member can use the equipment when they want to . However, think about whether the computer is primarily going to be used for entertainment purposes such as streaming films and gaming or are family members going to be undertaking work on the machine? A powerful desktop model will be the best bet for entertainment features, especially if family members enjoy gaming and need good graphics. If there is a college student in the family using the device for work then portability might be a deciding factor.

Desktops vs Portable Devices

The desktop computer seems to be going through a resurgence in popularity as a family PC option. this is mainly because you tend to get a lot more for less money today. The advent of streaming films on demand and home gaming means that the larger, high definition PC monitors are often the preferable option to the smaller laptop or tablet screens. Most desktops now come with ultra-fast processors, which makes multi-tasking a breeze and you’ll have no problem when it comes storing information on the huge, one terabyte hard disk drives. Laptops and tablets may be the best portable option but in terms of power, performance and reliability, the desktop comes out on top. Check out examples in this Tesco buying guide.

Tablets and Laptops

Compact devices have always been a popular portable option but if you’re looking for quality and power you will need to spend a little extra. Tablets can be used in the same way as laptops for browsing the internet, watching films and social networking – though larger, more powerful laptops are particularly good for work applications. Tablets are of course an excellent choice for travel as well as keeping the kids entertained whilst on vacation. However, the main downsides when purchasing these units as a family computer will include smaller screen size, less memory capacity, slower processors and of course limited battery life; these considerations are why many families buy laptops as a secondary device for home or travel use.

Given the amount of computers now available it does makes sense to check out some PC buying guides to ensure your find the right model to meet your family’s requirements. Make sure to try out a variety models in store and then compare price through online retailers in order to get the best price available.

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