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Jeans are an essential element in each woman’s wardrobe. They expect to appear as a perfect fit and have magic to work with different body shapes and allow you to move freely in your daily activities. There are multiple types of jeans that provide you with style and comfort. Now more than ever, jeans are evolving in creating new styles and materials to make lives for women easier. Upcoming stylish jeans fashions have outdone the traditional jeans models such as the new cropped flare, as well as jeans done in some interesting materials such as velvets.

Skinny Jeans

This type of jeans was built to fit you perfectly, taking the entire shape of your hips and legs into consideration and then accentuating them. They are suitable for you if you have more of an hourglass body shape or slim legs. They come in a variety of types and colors, depending on your taste and offered by most major brands.

Skinny Cropped Jeans

They are similar to the skinny jeans, but they allow your ankles some breathing room. They look perfect when matched with tall ankle boots or flats. Some have elegant folds that add to the general aesthetic. These are more relaxed, take your kids to the park style of jeans that every woman should own!

Straight Leg Jeans

They are snug at the thigh area but otherwise are more relaxed around the hips, and extend around your ankles. This design allows it to accommodate many different body shapes. Among the many options, Dsquared2 jeans for women highlight this style in a variety of washes, cuts, and leg lengths. Fun fact? These jeans were invented in the 90’s and recently brought back to life. Be on trend with the 90’s revival in any pair of straight leg jeans.


These are leggings with a denim/elastic blend fabric, and they come with an incredibly comfortable waistband, that could become especially for pregnant women. Jeggings will trace your body shape correctly, and is thus ideal for women wanting a closer fit.

High-Waist Jeans

They are worn right above your belly button and can be incredibly versatile. Wearing high-waist jeans have superpowers to flatten your stomach, thin your legs, shape your butt and enhance your appearance. They look great when worn with crop tops and sweaters whether you want to wear them out to a bar or to the office!

Boyfriend Jeans

It’s a very much relaxed, loose fit, and is favored for a chill look. They are usually baggy, and most of them come with a cuffed ankle hem. They will bring a beautiful casual look, especially when worn with loafers. For women desiring a more relaxed girlfriend type look, GRLFRND jeans offers a variety of colors and cuts for a relaxed boyfriend look, but with a feminine flare.

Boot Cut Jeans

They are fitting up to the knees but opens up past the calf muscle. To look better, wear them with heeled shoes so that the bottom will not glaze on the floor. They are classic with a mid-rise and a flattering fit through your hip and thigh.

Flared Jeans

This type of jean is suitable women who want to elongate their figures, since it flares out to a beautiful bell bottom. Flare jeans are now back in fashion and offered in innovative new materials such as satin, velvet, almost anything your heart desires. Bring out your disco self and get funky in flares.

Wearing the right type of jeans that perfectly suit your body can significantly change a woman’s attitude by making her more confident. Jeans are comfortable choices of pants for moms, especially for when you need to chase your children around, comfortably. The variety of jeans will help you express your sense of fashion for numerous occasions, whilst feeling great.

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