As a father, you know the importance of responsibility. This sense of responsibility is what makes you a great dad, and will make you an even better rider. Here are a couple of simple safety tips that you might have accidentally overlooked which could put you or your passengers at risk.

Check Your Bike Before You Ride

Every time you are about to get on your bike, make sure you check it. You spent good money on those Dunlop tires of yours to give you a better grip, make sure they are the right air pressure on them to do the job. If you’re tires are looking a little worn down, hope on over to and order a fresh pair of Dunlop tires today.

Check Your Brakes

Part of your safety checklist should include checking your brakes and brake lines. Check them for any dust, oil or debris that might be lodged in the plates. Also, check to make sure the brakes engage when you apply pressure to the lines. If your brakes are chipped, cracked, warped or damaged in any way, order a new set of EBC brakes and wait to ride until you’ve replaced them.

Head Protection

You’ve taught your kids to use a helmet when they ride their bicycles, and you need to show them that the rule applies to you as well. Helmets can be pretty expensive, but your best bet is looking for something along the lines of Arai full face helmets or Bell brand of helmets. You can even take it a step further and look for a helmet that has Bluetooth capabilities or buy an aftermarket Bluetooth accessory for your helmet.

As a father, you’re a living, breathing, walking and riding role model for your children. Kids learn a lot about good habits from being taught what the right thing to do is. However, they learn all of their bad habits by observing what adults do when they think they are not looking. Continue to show them how important it is to be responsible and to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.



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