People often forget about the gutter cleaning on their homes until a problem develops. Then they wonder why this essential household component failed. Clogged gutters lead to numerous problems, so maintaining them is crucial.

Gutters full of leaves and other debris cannot direct water away from the home. This water builds up and spills over the sides, which may lead to damage to the roof, foundation, and more. These problems can be prevented with a comprehensive gutter cleaning.

A homeowner might clean the gutters in the spring and believe they are covered. However, gutter cleanings are needed more often. In fact, a person should know when the best times to clean the gutters are to ensure the home remains protected.

Early Spring


Every homeowner should clean their gutters in early spring. They need to remove any debris that collected in the gutters during the cold winter months. This may include twigs, branches, pine needles, and more. In addition, they can remove any leaves that were missed during the fall cleaning.

Spring tends to be a rainy season in many areas. This water must go somewhere. Clogged gutters prevent the water from making its way through the gutter system and away from the home.

Cleaning the gutters as spring arrives will ensure the gutter system is ready for heavy rains. In addition, it gives the homeowner time to have any problems fixed before these rains arrive.

Late Fall

Late Fall

Every homeowner needs to clean their gutters after the leaves fall from the trees. Many of these leaves will make their way into the gutter system, where they lie in wait to cause problems. In addition, the homeowner might find acorns and other items in the gutters. They also need to be removed.

Clogged gutters remain a risk throughout the winter months. Any moisture and water sitting in the eaves troughs freeze when the temperature drops low enough. Melting snow will remain on the roof, as it has nowhere else to go.

The water that results from melting snow may make its way into the home. This can bring about extensive water damage. In addition, the water may form ice dams.

Ice dams could bring about sagging gutters. The ice dams often lead to roof and water damage along with failing hardware. Clean the gutters in late fall to avoid these issues and more.

Are Two Cleanings a Year Enough?

Homeowners often clean their gutters twice a year and think they are safe. However, some homes may need more frequent gutter cleanings. Why would this be the case, and when should these cleanings be handled?

The answer to this question depends in large part on the type of trees present on the property. Debris from these trees will often lead to the need to clean gutters more frequently.

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees add beauty and elegance to any property. However, they shed leaves, cones, petals, and branches, all of which may end up in the home’s gutter system.

Magnolia cones are hard enough to break glass. They may also damage the gutters. However, this is only one problem that comes with having one or more of these trees planted on a property.

The tough, leathery petals congeal when wet. They may fall from the tree at any time of the year and make their way into the gutter system. For this reason, homeowners with this type of tree should consider cleaning the gutters four times a year.

Oak Trees

Oak trees look majestic in any yard. However, when the leaves come down, they may land in gutters on the home. Many homeowners find twice-yearly gutter cleanings are sufficient to keep the gutters clear if they only have one or two oak trees.

For those properties with several oak trees, however, homeowners should clean the gutters four times a year initially. If they find the gutters remain clean, they can reduce the number of cleanings.

Pecan Trees

A homeowner may plant pecan trees on their property to benefit from the look and smell of these beauties of nature. Nevertheless, arborists refer to these trees as super shedders because of the sheer volume of leaves they lose each fall.

In addition, a strong storm can lead to several branches and twigs from the trees making their way into the gutters. For this reason, it’s best to clean the gutters four times a year if pecan trees are in the vicinity of this household system.

When cleaning the gutters, see if any sap from the tree has accumulated in the system. This sap is heavy and gunky, so it’s best to remove this residue while cleaning the gutters.

Sweet Gum Trees

Anyone who has sweet gum trees on their property appreciates the beauty of these trees during the fall months. However, these trees drop gum balls alongside leaves, and these gum balls can become an issue quickly.

Many of these gum balls end up in the home’s gutters. The hard, sticky balls can damage the gutters if they hit them. When they collect inside the gutter system, they halt the flow of water.

Homeowners need to clean the gutters at least twice a year to remove any gum balls. However, some people find they need to do this job more frequently, as the rate at which the gum balls accumulate in the gutters is alarming.

While cleaning the gum balls from the gutter, take time to remove them from the lawn as well. The gum balls hurt when someone steps on them with bare feet.

Pine Trees

Pine trees shed heavily and the needles and cones must have somewhere to go. If the trees are near the home’s gutters, this is where they may end up. In fact, pine needles and cones often build up in gutters or on top of gutter guards. Experts recommend cleaning gutters near pine trees four times each year.

Additional Gutter Services to Consider

When having a professional company clean the gutters, the homeowner may ask that they take on other tasks. These tasks vary by the property, so not everyone will need them.

Gutter repair is essential to ensure the system works as intended. If the technician notices any problems with this system during the cleaning, they alert the homeowner and offer possible solutions.

At times, the problem is nothing more than gutters that are stained and dirty. The technician can clean the gutters to restore their appearance and ensure they don’t detract from the curb appeal of the home.

A homeowner may wish to invest in gutter guards to reduce the need for cleanings. However, the gutters should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure they remain in good shape.

A failing gutter can fall from the home when water runs through it. With these inspections, the homeowner catches problems such as this early and can rectify them.


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