The holiday season is all about eating as much as possible. The problem is that breaking free from the holiday sweet tooth can be a real tough mountain to climb.

Replace Candy with Fruit

You are never going to not crave something sweet. Everyone craves sweet things. Instead of picking up candy you should pick up a piece of fruit. The fact is that fruit contains high levels of natural sugars. They are naturally sweet and good for the body, as opposed to their artificial counterparts.

Clean Your Home of Unhealthy Food

You need to make a statement. You are never going to break your holiday sweet tooth if you still have candy and other unhealthy foods sitting in the house. Clear them from your refrigerator and pantry. It is much easier to not eat sugar when you don’t have any of that food to begin with.

Break Your Cravings

The key to defeating cravings is to distract yourself from them. When you come up against major cravings you should exercise. Go for a walk. Spend some time on that stationary bike you never used. You could even take a cold shower to get away from your cravings.

This is how you stop yourself from getting tempted.

Why should you do it?

Make savings on dental work. Your dental insurance rates will go through the roof if you don’t make oral healthcare a priority. Before your affordable dental insurance payments start to go up, follow these tips and break free from the holiday sweet tooth.

Find Another ‘Feel Good’ Option

Sugar is something that we eat because it makes us feel good. It is a natural mood booster. The problem is that it’s an artificial mood booster. You need to find your fix from elsewhere if you are going to break that holiday sweet tooth.

Instead of buying sugar buy a magazine you enjoy reading. Purchase a CD or go on an adventure in your town. Not only are these rewards for what you have done they are naturally boosting your mood, thus making it less likely you’ll return to sugar.

What if You Fall off the Wagon?

Most people are going to fall off the wagon sooner or later. This is completely natural and you shouldn’t feel too bad about it. But just because you fell off the wagon doesn’t mean that you should go on a sugar binge. It’s what usually happens when people try to defeat their sugar cravings for the first time.

A sugar binge means you have gone all the way back to the start. You will feel bad about it and you might even be depressed for a short time.

Conclusion – It’s Tough to Defeat a Holiday Sugar Habit

Don’t worry if you eat sugar every now and then. It will happen and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Just make sure you acknowledge your mistake and get back on the wagon again. Nobody said a treat every so often is going to kill you.

How are you going to break your holiday sweet tooth?

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