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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas 2016

If you know someone who is getting married, chances are great that you are getting more than just a wedding invitation in the mail. Bridal showers are also a popular ritual among women who are getting married, and shared with their family and friends. Unfortunately, many times, the bride receives the same old stuff, over and over again, or the items off her registry. Try giving the bride a gift that is truly unique and personal. The following are some great bridal shower gift ideas 2016 brides would love to have that can be universally given to those special ladies in your life.

1.  Memory Lane Gift Basket

When celebrating a bride, chances are great that you know her in some way. Maybe you are old friends or met in college. Maybe she is a co-worker who has really helped you through a tough time or been a support to you throughout your career. Regardless of the reason, if you have a bride that you know well and are attending her bridal shower, consider making a memory lane gift basket. Include items that matter to the both of you such as a mug with a saying you share or items that you two have shared over the years. Whether it is her favorite coffee or a gift card to a special spot for the two of you, making the bride feel special and remember what a role you have played in her journey can be a great way to personalize your bridal shower gift. You may also want to include different items that you know she and the groom share. 

2.  Date Night Jar

For anyone who has been in a relationship for a while or who has been married, there are times when couples need to relight that spark. You can help them to do that! The Date Night Jar is a fun, simple, and inexpensive gift that is both personalized and thoughtful. Simply write down or type different date night ideas, like grabbing pizza and a movie or going to a restaurant or taking a walk in the park, and put them on slips of paper. Then, get a glass jar and put those slips in there. Tie a ribbon around it with a tag that says Date Night Jar and let the bride know that this is for the moments when the happy couple needs a little romance in their lives. Cute, fun and easily made, she is sure to love this DIY gift!

3.  Personalized Quote Picture

A personalized quote wall picture is a perfect addition to the gift list for a bride, whether you know her very well or not. Personalized pictures that wish them well, quote a Bible verse, or have a saying from a popular literary work are great and can be incorporated into the décor of any home. If you are worried that the frame or colors won’t match, simply put it in a picture frame that it can be easily taken out of and put in another. This is a great way to send the happy couple a reminder every day that they are loved and that they have all of the potential in the world for a happy future together.

4.  Pillowcase Present

Pillow cases are something that every bedroom set needs and personalized cases are a great way to incorporate them into a great bridal shower gift. Consider getting pillowcases personalized with Mr. and Mrs. or the bride’s new last name. Do not worry about the colors or which hues you choose as these are fun and can be placed anywhere in the home. Further, they will be a consistent reminder of that special wedding day. Remember, too, that a personalized date can be incorporated as well. Consider putting the day that they get married on the pillow so that every night that they put their heads on the pillow, they will remember all the special moments that led up to such a beautiful day.

5.  Bridal Bouquet of Utensils and Beauty Products

Brides often register for different kitchen utensils and items that will make cooking meals with him fun and make them smile with her effort. Consider, then, purchase these items and pack them in a cute and unique way. Rather than give her a spatula in a box, for example, make them into a fun bridal bouquet. Tie a ribbon around the middle of your gathering and it will look great! If you want to spice it up and get the point across, consider incorporating the colors of her wedding in the ribbon or with a few different flowers inserted in with the utensils. Cute, fun, affordable, and a gift she is sure to remember! Additionally, beauty items like skincare creams from Keeva Organics, body lotions etc. are also a good choice as your friend would definitely need these products.

In addition to the gifts mentioned above, you can also come up with other unique ideas. A gift is always special and should be bought keeping the ‘receiver’ and the ‘event’ in mind.

Most people I meet have no clue how to stand out with a unique gift for the occasion. That is why I wanted to dish out some very detailed information and created a guide with “15 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to Stand Out.”

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  1. I’ve done the pillow case gift several times and it’s always a hit! Thanks for the other suggestions.

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