The more women age, the harder it is for us to get in shape the way we want to. Maybe we want to look like we did when we were teenagers or in college, but now it’s harder with work, kids and general new lifestyle schedules.

Best Bubble Butt Workout of Your Dream

To get the bubble butt of our dreams, there are some easy tools to guide us to where we want to be.

How to get the butt of your dreams:

Bubble Booty Workout

There’s nothing better for getting the butt of your dreams than following a tailored exercise routine for a bubble booty. You can, for example, take a shot at the Bubble Booty workout the 30-Day Fitness Challenge app, which makes it easy to track your progress, stay committed, follow a program designed for your end goal, and make sure you doing the exercises correctly.

Use Weights When Working Out

Rather than just using your body weight, incorporate weights into your workout regimes to build that booty. If you want the appearance of lift, separation and growth, you can get all this with good form of exercises such as weighted lunges and squats.

Take Everything Slow When Working Out

When you complete exercises quickly, you don’t always get the full effect of them. So take it slow when you work out, practice your deep breathing, and you’ll see the results from it.

Stick to Positive Thinking

Any fitness regime, or really anything in life, feels a lot easier to accomplish and work out when you have a positive mindset. So stick to positive thinking, compliment yourself, keep yourself motivated, be proud of all that you are doing for your health, and keep going!

Become the ‘Squat Queen’ and Squat at Every Chance you Get

It’s no secret that squats are the ultimate booty-growing exercise. So become the Squat Queen, add in dumbbells, and fit in squats whenever you can! The more you build up the habit of doing them, the more consistent you will be and the better results you will see.

Wear Figure-Flattering Items

When you wear items such as yoga pants, form-fitting skirts and jeans that you hug your curves just how you want them to, you begin feeling more and more comfortable and confident with yourself and your unique and beautiful body shape. So take the time to find pieces that make you feel confident, motivated, and happy in your own skin. The more you see your butt looking flattered in these items, the more and harder you’ll work to get the butt of your dreams!

Eat to Grow

Another major factor that plays into building your strength is your nutrition. Think of food as fuel and nourishment, and it all becomes a lot more motivating and fun when you imagine what incredible things food does for your body. Fuel foods like oatmeal, chicken and brown rice will help you build that butt and nourish your body with what you need to support your exercise regime.

It’s important for women to keep up their health to live a longer life for their loved ones and themselves. Societal norms have shifted, and trends are now on finally welcoming curvy bodies and all figure types, thanks to leadership from American pop culture superstars such as Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham. So embrace what you have, and get that butt of your dreams!


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