Even if you don’t view yourself as being particularly religious, going to church with your family can have a number of different benefits. People go to church for a number of different reasons, and you don’t necessarily need to have an unwavering faith in God in order to do so. Church attendance can provide you with a number of societal benefits and can make an excellent support network for if things go wrong in your life. For many people, church provides them with a friendship group and a hobby which helps to keep them grounded.

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How Kids Can Benefit

There are a range of benefits which your children can gain from attending church or indeed any other religious organization. Churches today are working towards attracting more of a younger audience, meaning that there’s a lot of things for your kids to do when they attend church. Traditionally young people may see church attendance as something that’s rather boring, but more and more churches are moving away from this. Kids’ activities, sports clubs and groups, and music are just some of the things that many churches are doing today in order to accommodate their younger members.

Moral Benefits

With crime rates on the rise, it’s understandable that many parents are worried about their children getting caught up in the wrong crowd. Church attendance can help to keep your children on the straight and narrow. The principles taught in church are a set of moral standards, which, when lived by, will benefit your kids. Even if your kids never completely engross themselves in a faith, having a set of morals to live by can be of an advantage to them in today’s world.

Friendship Groups

Attending church can have a range of societal benefits for your child. Church provides regular contact with other people, and the best thing about this is that your child will be socializing with other kids and adults of all ages, a useful skill for life. Although school is great at teaching kids how to successfully socialize and make friends, children at school are often restricted to only other children of their own age, something which results in many kids having difficulties confidently communicating to adults or children in a different age group. Church breaks down these barriers and can help your child to be confident speaking to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Community Involvement

It’s not uncommon to have misconceptions of the Catholic Church more information on common misconceptions – but it’s hard to deny that the Catholic Church and other religions are actively involved in local communities.

Attending church can help you and your kids to become more involved in the local community and give you many opportunities to help others who are less fortunate, such as church-run food banks for the homeless. Being charitable brings with it its own set of benefits; joining the church can provide you with an excellent platform to give back.

Church isn’t all about boring sermons, it can be fun and rewarding too.


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