I love The Walking Dead, hate Lori, hate Andrea!!! Can’t wait for more from The Walking Dead this Sunday. Hurry up Sunday night and get here already.

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Hello!!! Why didn’t her and Shane use protection. Glenn and Maggie got the memo, they use condoms. I wasn’t sad at all when Lori died. I know that makes me sound like a cold, heartless person but she was annoying from the get go.

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Yes, this is so true. Daryl is amazing and looks super sexy on his Harley.

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I was so sad when T-Dawg got his neck chewed off. RIP T-Dawg, you’ll be missed.

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Yet another reason Daryl is my favorite character from The Walking Dead.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Who’s your favorite character, dead or living, let me know?


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  1. I always disliked Lori. I don’t think Andrea is all that smart but my dad and husband were convinced she was trying to put something over in the Governor. I knew she wasn’t. I am so ready for Sunday!

    • Yay! Another Lori hater. Andrea isn’t smart enough to get one over on the Governor. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. We’re horrible people and don’t subscribe to cable, so we have to generally wait a while to watch episodes. HOWEVER, we are so THRILLED to at least have episodes airing again. Everything was so crazy before the break and it’s going to be fabulous!!! Also, they need to kill Andrea. For reals.

    • I want to be like you and not waste the money but we just aren’t to the point yet. Maybe one day. But like you said, there is other ways to watch it.

    • You should, that’s for sure. I think everyone should watch. It took me a while to get into it. I just started watching it last year. I was a little late to the game.

  3. My boyfriend is a huge fan of this show and is counting down the hours until the new season. I haven’t watched it yet. I got him the first season on DVD, though, so maybe I’ll start!

  4. I’m a total Daryl fan, even though he’s not in the comics. I was super sad when he went off with Merl last night – but hopefully he comes back.

    • I love Daryl too. I was also sad when he went off. I have a feeling he will realize his brother is no good and leave him behind, or kill him.

  5. I’ve been thinking of taking up this show on Netflix but have been skeptical.. Is it scary? :p

    • Not really. The only bad thing is when “walkers” are killed or people are bit and ripped open by “walkers”. I just close my eyes. You should watch it, you’ll get hooked quickly.

  6. Daryl is definitely my favorite. I’m hoping he comes back to the group because I’ve enjoyed watching the development of his relationships with both Carol and Rick. I was sad when T-Dog died. He was a character that really grew on me, especially at the beginning of season 3. Couldn’t stand Shane or Lori, and really don’t like Andrea.

    • Seems like me and you feel exactly the same about The Walking Dead characters.