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Celebrate Your Child’s Art at Piccuzoo

If you have a little artist at home, like many of us do, you know the story all too well!

Once they hit age 3, kids really start drawing. It’s couple of sticks at first, nothing obvious, at least to us. But to them, it’s a bunny, or a tree, or a house. We might have a quiet smile at the simple drawing, but we’re also very proud. If you’re like many of us, you probably used your refrigerator as your first “Museum of Modern Art,” displaying your child’s work not just so you can see it, but so your child can feel proud of the accolade, and of the accomplishment. In fact, this is an important part of the process of kids creating art.

And now, thanks to Piccuzoo, there’s another way to celebrate and keep your child’s art. Your little artist can become a published author using her own artwork!

In the jungle of personalized children’s books where only a name gets plugged into a pre-written story (kids with the same name receive the same book!), Piccuzoo is different. They put a child’s own artwork at the center of the story, and even custom-write text to go with each drawing! Each and every submitted piece of art is reviewed by a real writer, making that book into a unique story. The personalized storybook is then professionally printed and mailed to you.

In essence, the child is a co-creator of the personalized book, with our writers telling the story around their pictures.

And the confidence factor we mentioned earlier? Each child gets an official illustrator credit at the front of the custom storybook, so your kids will proudly say “I made this book!” and will reap the benefits of well-earned pride, the positivity of high praise, and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment. And there is a lovely “dedication” where you can add a personal note, whether to your child, from the child as a gift to their grandparents, or anything in-between.

So move over, personalized books – there’s a better option available! Kids will love to read the story over and over, they’ll feel the pride of accomplishment, and you’ll get a keepsake you can pass down to them. It’s also a great gift, and a way of preserving all your child’s art without the storage and mess!

Check out to get yours started – you’ll love it as much as we did!

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