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I’ve talked about my little brother a few times here on my blog.  My brother lives here in Louisiana with me. He’s 23 and his name is Benjamin. He and his girlfriend live close by, and we see them from time to time, but not nearly as much as I’d like because he works so hard…and he is about to start working harder. My brother is a linemen, his job is to ensure the power poles are up and running, and that the power lines are all connected. He’s a hard worker and earns what he has, but he wants more, like we all do, he wants to go back to school so he can make more money and support a family, one day. I took Ben to Walmart to shop for a new phone. Walmart Family Mobile has cheap wireless plans and great smart phones for under $100.

I am so proud; my little brother is going to college! Benjamin will attend classes 3 days a week after work. College is so time consuming. Group projects, extra homework, longer classes, all on top of a job…He’ll be tired and might even want to give up from time to time. I’m so glad he has his girlfriend who is in college and works two jobs. She’ll be there to encourage him and commiserate with him.

Our mom lives in Virginia, and plans on moving back here next year, but in the meantime I’m the only family Benjamin has nearby. I wanted to get him a great gift to show that I’m here for him in real, tangible ways as he starts college. I’ve decided to get him a new phone and a cheaper wireless plan. Walmart Family Mobile has the lowest priced unlimited plans that are perfect for your college bound children, or in my case, brother.

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I took my son along with me to Walmart to buy Ben a new smart phone. We found a great selection in the Electronic department. It was easy to tell just how popular Walmart Family Mobile is, there was a lot of informative signage everywhere we looked. Ben found the Alcatel One Touch Fierce which happened to be on Rollback for only $99.88. I told Ben I’d cover the plan for the next year which is only $34.88 each month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Web Service. We picked up a $25 Starter Kit which has the SIM card in it. I’m so excited about this and I think it is the perfect going-away gift for college kids, but in Ben’s case he’ll be living off campus. Why?

1. Class and Job Commitments

Group projects are a part of so many college classes now. In the professional workplace, the ability to work in teams is pretty much essential, and many majors are incorporating this practice into their coursework. Having a cell phone is going to make a big difference for keeping in contact with group members and classmates for study groups. Plus, Ben will need to have a cell phone to keep up with changing work times and course cancellations.

2. Family Time

We love to support each other and spend time together.
We love to support each other and spend time together.

As I mentioned, Benjamin is going to have less time to spend with my family now that he will not only be working, but also attending class. I want him to feel free to keep in contact with me, and unlimited talk, text and data/web means that he can call me without worrying about the cost. Some students will be going far away from home for college, and their phone may be their only contact with their family. It’s definitely an essential for college students, which brings me to…

3. Extra Cash

Cell phones are essential for a college student, but that monthly bill hits hard. Walmart has the lowest priced unlimited plans, and since I’ll be paying for the plan, my brother will have some extra cash in his pocket for all those textbooks that are so pricey. School supplies will take a big chunk of his disposable income now, and I love that I’ll be helping out with one of the monthly bills. It’ll make things that much easier for him. He’ll be able to keep gas in his car, and food on the table.

cheap wireless plans

I’m very proud of what my brother has accomplishes thus far. Ben seems to be doing everything right, working, paying his own bills, maintaining his car, being in a committed relationship, and now he’s going to college. He knows college is his best bet if he wants to make more money and have a family one day. I know my dad would be proud of him. I can’t wait to hear about Ben’s classes and I know he’s going to excel.

Walmart Best Plans

How are you helping your college student save money?


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  1. That’s awesome your brother lives so close by! My daughter will go away in 2 years to university (or college). I’ve been saving money since she was born, but I imagine I’ll be looking for deals when the time finally comes!

  2. Wow, your little brother looks like my little brother! 🙂 He sounds like he is on the right path and I love that your family is supportive of each other. College is ridiculously expensive so it sounds like you found a great deal!

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