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About to take on your first child minding job? There’s more to babysitting than making sure the child is still breathing by the time the parents return. If you want to be clued up before you’re handed someone’s precious child, make sure you’ve read these 10 tips.

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1.  Be Punctual

Make the best first impression by being punctual. Arrive at the home or hotel 5 minutes before your shift is due to start.

2.  Bring the Child a Surprise

A child carers job is much easier if you have the child on your side. Bring them something small like a few stickers, an activity print-out or a colouring book to break the ice. Avoid bringing food though – sweets or foods the child is allergic too wouldn’t go down too well with the parents.

3.  Ensure You Know all the Details

Make sure you pay attention to all the details. Know the emergency contact numbers and the instructions as to the times you should feed the child, bathe them or put them to bed.

4.  Don’t Call Your Friends or Invite them Around

Even if you’re allowed to use the phone, avoid spending most of the evening chatting to your friends and definitely don’t invite them to visit. You’ll want to reserve the phone line for emergencies or when the parents are calling to check in.

5.  Leave the House as You Found it

Going the extra mile and tidying the kids toys or books, and cleaning the kitchen after you’ve cooked will put you in good favour with the parents.

6.  Respect the Rules of the Home

It’s fun to be the child’s favourite babysitter, but it’s important to still respect the rules of the home. You’ll also want to displine the child if they’re misbehaving. As a babysitter, time out and revoking their privileges are the only tools you should use.

7.  Don’t take the Child Out Without Permission

The child might think you’re the best if you take them to the local ice-cream parlour or park, but the parents won’t if you having received their permission. Ask first!

8.  Check On the Child When asleep

It’s a good idea to poke your head into the child’s room and check on them when their asleep. Make sure they’re not too hot or cold and nicely tucked in.

9.  Provide a Run-Down

Parent’s appreciate if you can write brief notes about the day or evening. For example, at 6:30pm Jack ate all his dinner and went to bed at 7:30pm without a fuss.

10.  Get trained up

Think babysitting could lead to a career in child care? Get trained up! You’ll find child care courses in Melbourne, New York, London or wherever else in the world you live. Best part – qualified child carers are in demand!



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