Outfitting a bathroom requires a lot of considerations. You have to plan out which cabinets would suit the style of the bathroom? Which are convenient sinks to put in to complete the look you envisioned? Which toilets are the easiest to use and the most economical for a home? These are just a few of the questions that people ask themselves when they want to build or renovate their bathrooms. Bathrooms on their own need a lot of attention to outfit, and it’s twice as difficult to furnish a basement bathroom. Because of its location, the basement needs special attention when it comes to matters like lighting and drainage. So how do you choose which toilet to put in the basement?

basement bathroom

First, Consider the Cost

Any toilet you buy, whether it’s for a regular or basement bathroom, comes down to the price. You cannot choose a toilet for your basement if you know it will be out of your price range. Therefore, before you head out and order a basement toilet, consider how much you’re willing to spend on it. Keep in mind that some models like below ground sewage ejectors are cheap, but they need extra effort when it comes to installation. Others like composting toilets need add-ons such as ventilation systems before you can use them comfortably. However, composting toilets will save you a lot because they use little or no water.

Look at Your Plumbing

One of the biggest considerations to make to find the right basement toilet is the plumbing of your basement. With regular bathrooms, plumbing is usually a key factor because it affects how hygienic, not to mention smelly, the bathroom is going to be. The same goes for basement toilets. If your plumbing creates enough of a fall that you’ll not need any extra pumping to deal with waste, then you can buy regular basement toilet models. To avoid the risk of clogging that comes with regular plumbing, however, you can get saniflo toilets. These toilet systems have macerators that break down waste to avoid clogging. You can also use pressure-assisted models if your plumbing is not gravity-assisted.

Make Installation considerations

Not all toilets are touch-and-go like upflushing and above-ground sewage-ejector toilets. On the contrary, many models such as pressure-assisted toilets and below-ground sewage-ejector systems need you to excavate before installing them. Excavation is costly and takes time, so look into whether the price of excavation benefits you in the long run.

Check the Drainage

Different toilet models have different drainage methods. Drainage is a huge factor especially when it comes to basements. When you’re looking for a toilet for your bathroom, ask yourself whether you want a toilet system that comes with a sole- or multiple-use drainage system. Systems like saniflo toilets and sewage-ejector systems allow you to drain not only the toilet but also the sink and shower/ bathtub. Others, such as the composting toilets, drain only toilet waste. Toilets systems that will only drain your toilet are convenient only when you already have a method in place to drain the sink and bathroom.

If you’re into going green, composting toilets are the most convenient basement toilets system for you. They are economical when it comes to water use, and you can use the compost for gardening. With these considerations, you should be on your way to choosing the right basement toilet for you.


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