The world of communications has been celebrated much for innovation, with attempts for new and effective solutions released every year. In fact, such is expected. What about other fields such as the cleaning industry? How many times have you dream of the trash taking itself out or your kids’ toys putting themselves away? We might not be anywhere near that future but microfiber cloth has been one underappreciated invention. It offers numerous advantages that make life simpler and less costly.

Microfiber cleaning clothsImage Source: Pexels

1.)  Cut Down On Paper Waste

Using microfiber reduces the need for paper towels and other short-term use cleaning cloths. The former is created to be durable so they can be reused for extended periods of time. Being easy to clean also contributes to its long-lasting quality. A quick rinse with only water helps preserve it in its intended design.

Microfiber cleaning cloths is such an effective cleaning material for different purposes and surfaces that they come in many sizes for easy cleaning. We have small cuts for eyeglasses, mobile phone screens and other smaller items. The tiny sizes also make them more portable, taking up minimal space in our bags. Cabinets, tables, counter tops and big areas require larger cleaning tools. There aren’t as many options in length and size for cotton cloths.

2.)  No Use of Cleaning Agents

soft microfiber cleaning dusterImage Source: Pixabay

The fine and wedge-shaped design of microfiber enables this type of material to pick up dirt and other stains faster. To efficiently pick up dirt, it only needs water while you can keep it dry for wet marks. The need for cleaning agents is eliminated which means less costs. Imagine those dollars you spend on those products going to other portions of your budget. School material for the kids, date night dinner with hubby, that one dress you’ve been eyeing…the list goes on.

You also save up on expenses that would normally have gone into replacing regular cloths which have been worn down from exposure to chemicals in these cleaning agents. Prices between cotton cloths and microfiber cloth don’t differ much but you can buy the latter by bulk online at half the cost of the former.

3.)  Safer Cleaning Option; Non-toxic; Dries Fast, Lesser Chance of Bacteria Growth

When using man-made chemicals, there will always be the risk of having unsafe toxins around the house. Many chemicals in the past were greatly recognized for several advantages only to be found later as harmful to human health. One of the worst examples of these is asbestos, which was widely acclaimed for its sturdiness, heat insulation and versatility. In fact, it was used in several products and even the building of homes Even the military used this chemical. It was only in 1980 when the toxin was banned but it had already been used to build several homes by then where as simple as paint chipping sends the toxic airborne. Asbestos has caused mesothelioma cancer mostly among construction workers who had the greatest exposure to it.

Today, most of the products in the market using chemicals are said to be safe but research is now finding that these toxins can be dangerous through use overtime. While the story of asbestos is a worst-case scenario and similar incidents may not occur, opting for a more natural, chemical-free method would keep adverse health effects from artificial products at minimum.



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