If your home is starting to resemble a church jumble sale, then it may be time to start clearing out some of the clutter. Most of us tend to hoard keepsakes, electrical items and old clothes hoping that one day we can either use them or pass them on to a friend. More often than not, the items end up forgotten in an attic or garage. Downsizing your possessions is a great way to make some extra storage space, beautify your home and possibly even make you a little extra cash.  

Start by Clearing Your Shelves

Shelves tend to become a dumping ground for just about everything that is not used on a day-to-day basis such as books, CDs, photo frames, ornaments and random bits and bobs. Unless you have yet to discover the joy of online streaming, pack up all of your old CDs and DVDs and cart them off to your nearest charity shop. If you prefer to store your media on a hard drive, you can use a program such as Nero to rip all of your movies and albums to your computer or back-up drive. Pretty much every book you could ever want is now available in digital form, so you can also get rid of the vast majority of your books while you are at it. An electronic reader such as a kindle can hold over a thousand books meaning you never have to worry about shelf space again. Only special edition CDs and DVDs should remain on your shelves along with valuable or signed books.

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Clear Out Your Old Clothes

If an item of clothing has been sitting in the back of your closet for more than a month, then it’s time to get rid of it. Most people tend to wear the same clothing items on rotation, so you may find that you can downsize more than half of your closet. Any old slogan t-shirts that you thought were cute while on vacation need to go along with any clothing that no longer fits. If you are handy with a pair of scissors, you can upcycle some of your old clothes to give them a fresh new look. Charity shops are always happy to accept any second-hand clothing that is still in good condition, or you can donate clothing to your local women’s shelter. If you have baby and children’s clothing that you no longer need, then contact your nearest orphanage to enquire about how you can make a donation.

Remove Anything You Haven’t Used For More Than A Year

Most households have at least one or two sporting items quietly collecting dust in a closet. Weights, treadmills, skis and exercise balls may have seemed like a sensible purchase at the time, but if you never use them they will only take up precious storage space. The same goes for complicated kitchen gadgets such as bread, ice cream and doughnut makers that are often more trouble than they’re worth. Though, by performing slight research, one might be able to get an access to desired products, for example, see this here. Small items of furniture that don’t serve any real purpose can also be cleared away to make extra space in your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, removing all your clutter will give you plenty of time to prepare your home for viewing. For examples of perfectly staged homes, check out www.AustinWyatt.co.uk to see what attracts potential buyers.

Find a New Home For Everything

Only throw out things that are completely beyond repair or in such a terrible state that even the local junkyard will not want them. Divide everything else into three piles and label them donate, collect and sell. Anything you would like to donate to a local charity store should be clean and in reasonably good shape. Old furniture, electrical items and larger pieces can be collected by a local scrap collection service, but you may need to pay a small fee for them to come to your home. Any expensive items that are still in good condition can be sold on sites such as eBay or Amazon. Once you clear out all of your clutter, you may be surprised at how much extra space you have in your home.

A clean, clutter-free home offers a much more attractive and functional living space than one that is packed full of junk. Jobs such as cleaning or renovating will be much easier without having to sort through piles of stuff beforehand. Try to fill your home with items that serve a purpose or add to the beauty of your home to minimize clutter. 

Sean Ryan works in the removals business and has also gone through the experience of helping his parents to downsize. he is always pleased to share some tips on clearing the clutter and preparing to downsize. Sean writes for a number of lifestyle websites on a regular basis.

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