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7 big no-­no’s when moving

There will come a time when your family gets big enough that you need new space and are naturally inclined to move. Other times it may be your child leaving the nest and you want to see them well upon their way. What I’m saying is that eventually you’re going to make the move.

It can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared (or if you haven’t done it enough). Shifting all of your belongings from one place to another is a challenge and doubly so when it’s not just a town over.

I’ve done my fair share of moving over the last decade (about five or six times to be exact) so I wanted to put together a piece to point you away from some of the mistakes you (or your children) might make when moving.

These are the “no­-no’s” that you should definitely avoid:

Believe me, I’ve done my share of moving over the last few years and I’ve certainly made some mistakes (often multiple times). Next time you (or your child) moves keep these items in mind else it’s going to be one rough trip.

Got a moving tip? Share your experience/tip in the comment section below!


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