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Cooking up Some Fabulous Finds With Your Kids

My blog, Fabulous Mom blog is the perfect site for families who want to find great offers, bargains, try free samples and read reviews on various products – from hair serums to green teas. It seems to be more geared at bargain hunting mums who want to treat their families to something fun or tasty without bursting the bank. Reviews are a great way to find out the real opinions of people who have tried and tested a product. Buying a product which achieved good reviews, can help you save money because you’re not buying and trying various other brands. Cooking with kids can be so much fun!

If you are stuck for something to do with your kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon, then baking home-made cupcakes is fun and inexpensive. You can buy cheap box-sets which are easy to follow. Some only require adding a cup of water to the mix before baking. So while your kids have fun with messy cake mix and icing, you have a quiet moment to yourself, where you can sit down, play a relaxing session of Foxy Bingo or do some reading. But make the most of it, because the cupcakes only take around 10 minutes to bake.

Some shops sell cupcake boxes, which supply paper cases, dry cake mix, icing sugar and decorations. These are often themed with cartoon characters such as Spongebob or Disney Princess’s. They come with colored icing, edible decorations such as chocolate sprinkles or wafer stickers, as well as patterned paper cases.

And once they are baked, why not sit down with a cup of tea and a freshly baked cake made by your kids. If you are looking for the perfect cuppa, there are many brands to choose from. Green tea and Redbush tea for example, are full of anti-oxidants and are very good for you. Redbush tea originates from Africa; it is fragrant, sweet and naturally caffeine free. Whereas green tea is bitter and leafy, but is thought to be an aid to weight loss, because it slowly increases the metabolism and helps burn fat.

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