fresh fall flowers

While you might be more likely to associate fresh flowers with spring or summer, decorating with flowers is a beautiful way to bring the outside indoors year round. Fall flowers have gorgeous colors and textures that will brighten any home. Just as the weather is starting to cool, decorating with fresh flowers for fall adds a splash of warmth and festivity to any indoor space. Flowers that bloom in fall include orchids, sunflowers, daisies, freesias, chrysanthemums and lilies. Most of these flowers are available until at least the first hard frost.

A popular way to use fall flowers to decorate your home is by using centerpieces. As well as using a centerpiece on a table, they can be dotted around in strategic locations of your home to create a vivid display. Other places you can display a centerpiece include a mantle, side and coffee tables, desks, and windowsills. As well as including blooms, the flowers can also be mixed in with garden greenery, twigs, and the spectacularly colored fall leaves to create an impressive display. During fall, nature really puts on a show, and this should be reflected in your floral decorations. Using natural elements in your designs also helps dress your home for the season.

Every season has different colors associated with it, and fall is no different. This time of year is when we see a large shift in the colors in the outdoors, and this should be reflected in your floral display. Rich reds, warm yellows, and deep oranges and purples are all associated with the cooling weather, as well as the holidays that occur in the fall such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Combined together, these colors can create a stunning design and set the mood in your home for the season.

Another decorating idea that packs a visual punch is to use some of the festive symbols, such as small pumpkins and gourds as vessels to contain your arrangements, or to go with your designs. You can use them as is, or paint them in designs to match your home. Clear vases and mason jars also look amazing when filled with items such as acorns, citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, natural berries, and fall leaves before being topped off with your fresh flower display.

Another popular fall home decoration is the wreath. Hanging fresh flowers on display on your front door comes from an old Green custom to celebrate special occasions, and a beautiful way to display the season’s bounty. The fresh flowers and other materials available to you in fall are perfect for making a wreath to decorate your front door, or any other part of your house. You can also include leaves and other seasonal items such as acorns, pinecones, greenery, fake or prepared fresh fruits, or even dried flowers and fabrics such as velvet and burlap. The cooler temperatures will help preserve fresh additions for longer, but to keep fresh fruits looking fresher for longer consider dipping them in wax prior to use.

By paying attention to the colors and textures of the season around you, and reflecting them in your choice of Fall decorating ideas, your home will glow with the warmth and joy of the season.

Do you decorate your home with flowers for fall?


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