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Are you having your car or truck repainted? Before you do so, you should be aware of the different automotive paint finishes. Automotive paints are made to stay on your car or truck almost permanently. Therefore, you must select the exact type for your vehicle.

The paints you use for trucks or cars are vastly different from the paints you use for your home or craft projects. While you canapply house paints with a brush or roller, automotive paints are sprayed on the vehicle, usually by a professional car spray painter. The spray painter has the training, qualifications, and experience. They are experts in their field and can advise you on what type of automotive paint to use, like Durabak for Trucks.

What makes automotive paints different?

Automotive paint is spray-painted and meant to last for a long time. This means you need a professional car spray painter to do the job for you. This is the reason for bringing your vehicle to a trusted car shop that specializes in this type of service. You require someone who can render a perfect spray paint job for you.

Automotive paints are made from three components. First is the pigment, which gives the paint its color. The second component is thinner, which sees to it that the paint’s consistency is correct. The third is the binder. This component binds the pigment and the thinner.

You should likewise understand what type of primer to use for your car. The car spray paint specialist will discuss with you the difference between single-stage and double-stage paint systems, as well as the difference between waterborne paint and solvent paint.

Knowing these things beforehand will allow you to appreciate the work of the car painter. It will also make you recognize the type of products you should order for the car painting job.

Difference between solvent paint and waterborne paint

A solvent paint is the traditional type of car paint. It comprises enamel, lacquer, and urethane. It contains high levels of volatile organic compounds. Due to environmental and health issues, more and more car shops are switching to more environment-friendly paints.

Waterborne paints are getting more favor from car shops and car owners. Waterborne paints only contain 10% solvent. Because of the increasing health concerns due to solvent paints, environmental laws and regulations are stricter, pushing car spray paint service providers to opt for waterborne car paints.

Car finishes

Most car owners and car shops prefer the single-stage paint system as it already contains the base coat and clear coat, making it more cost-effective. The paint is applied in two separate phases for the two-stage paint option, which takes longer and costs more.

In any of the two stages, the car needs a primer, which can be pearlescent metallic or acrylic lacquer. The latter uses thinner for smoother application. Once it evaporates, the car will have a glass-like texture. This type is more suitable for classic cars. The car will need regular buffing to maintain its shine. Modern cars use pearlescent metallic primer, which provides the car a reflective surface that requires less maintenance. With the minute metallic flakes, the paint changes colors under sunlight.

It pays to work with a professional car spray paint shop as they have the trained professionals who possess extensive experience in spray painting different cars and trucks.


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