Some household health hazards stay hidden right under our nose. One no table example is the carpet, which mostly retains all sorts of germs, irritants and allergens. A filthy carpet does not only look nasty, but also cause serious health issues. Children area greater risk because of their low immunity. The proficiency of Sears Clean brings us.

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Essential Note: Carpets can easily trap dust particles and microbes, there for must be cleaned regularly. But it should be kept in mind that cleaning chemicals can also be toxic for your child’s health. To start with, make sure the carpet cleaning products are child-friendly. Secondly, as you’re done cleaning, make sure to give the carpet an ample time to dry out, so to avoid kids getting in contact with the chemicals.

Probability of Bacteria Attack is High

All the dirt that comes dragging along your footwear on to your carpet can build bacterial colonies. These microbes grow rapidly by feeding on pet hair, dust mites and dead human cells. Adults have resistance to certain bacteria due to their developed immune system, but young kid’s underdeveloped defense mechanism expose them to all sorts of sickness causing bacteria.

A dirty carpet stores living and non-living organisms that can cause redness, it chingandeven swelling. This is made worse by the fact that such untidy rugs or carpets attract common pests, roaches and rats. Walking bare-foot on a fungi-infested carpet can cause contagious diseases like athlete’s foot, which cracks the skin making a whole pathway for bacteria to enter your body. Such conditions are not something a toddler would be able to survive in.

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Allergies Can Build Up Easily

Children can easily get an allergy attack when exposed to the dust particles, pollen and fungi spores hidden in the carpets. Most common issues include skin allergies, malaise (discomfort) and sneezing. Additionally, children may also develop hypersensitivity under these circumstances. The dust embedded in the carpet fibers blows up as your child steps or crawls on it making the minhale the polluted air. If they continue inhaling it, they may develop severe breathing problems like Asthma.

Physical Injuries Lead to Infections

You have to ease the children into having more freedom as a part of their growth. The moment they start crawling they roam around in every nook and corner of the house. But dragging themselves on the carpeted surface can lead to bruises and rug burns. Similarly, toddlers who start walking, they fall and hurt themselves repeatedly. An exposed wound invite germs, which can lead to serious health issues.

Dirt particles dwindle the fibers of the carpet creating an uneven surface,which can cause the children tumble. Keeping your carpet clean not only ensures your child’s good health, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.




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