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Diving Into Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!!

I am lucky enough to be part of a really excellent blogging group, ShePromotes — Blog Events and Support. Every month we dive into a fellow blogger’s blog and write about something we find interesting. This month I decided to go a little deeper into Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! I was reading this specific blog post, It’s On My Mind All The Time and while I was reading everything in her post started to sound very familiar.

I found out that Janet only knew her husband five months before they got married. I knew my husband for only five months as well. We’ve been married now for six years and everyday is just as good as the last. Janet wrote that they moved for her husband’s job and shortly after I married my husband we packed up and moved from my hometown in Virginia and ended up down here in southeastern Louisiana. We moved because Sean had a really good job lined up and that kind of job isn’t easy to come by in Virginia. Since getting married and settling down in Louisiana we’ve had two children and I started blogging full-time to earn us a little extra money.

Reading Jane’s post reminded me that getting married quickly after meeting the love of your life isn’t all the crazy and moving for the one you love is just something you do because you love that person. I remember everyone thinking we were getting married so quickly because I was pregnant but that wasn’t the case. We had our daughter 18 months after getting married

The next time you’re reading a blog make sure to click on their “About Me” section or somewhere they post about themselves. I like getting to know my fellow bloggers and you should too.

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