Do you have road rage? I sometimes have road rage, but it normally manifests as just me cursing out loud, or if the kids are in the car I call the other drivers stupid. Then, I have to explain to the kids why I just called another driver stupid. But I have to be careful; I don’t want to create little road rage monsters!

take the road rage test

You better believe I will make the above face when I pull up next to someone if they cut me off, are on their phone or smoking with a child in the car, or if a child is not properly in a safety seat or seat belt.

However, I don’t let road rage get to the point where I am a safety hazard. I don’t tailgate someone who has pissed me off. I won’t chase anyone…but I do let my passive aggressiveness show through a look that rivals Kermit’s above.

How about you? Take this Road Rage Test! If you are brave enough, be sure to come back and leave me a comment with your results. I want to know how you handle other drivers on the road!

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