Sharing a bedroom can be necessary if you don’t have the space to give two children their own rooms, and it can either be a really nice living arrangement where the kids keep each other company and enjoy sharing, or a nightmare if they feel that they don’t have their own privacy and are constantly fighting! Luckily, there are some great solutions that can make having two siblings sharing one room work well, and make the most of the space you have available.

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The options you have for setting up your kids’ room really depend upon how much floor space you have, so we’ll look first at solutions for smaller bedrooms, and then some of the things you can do if you have a larger room to work with.

Small Rooms – Making the Most of Space

If you need two children to share a fairly small room, then the best solution for their sleeping area is to use bunk beds. A lot of kids absolutely love bunk beds, as it means they can talk to each other but don’t actually have someone else looking at them when they are trying to sleep. Also, one kid gets the fun of climbing up a ladder every night and sleeping up high! Bunk beds allow you to use the vertical space in the room, which gives you a lot more floor space than putting twin beds into a small room. This means you’ll have the most possible space left for them to play and study, and also for storage. You can get great deals on kids’ bunks at Big Brand Beds.

In a small room, storage is always at a premium, and with two kids’ belongings to stow, this can be tricky. Use creative storage solutions such as the space under the lower bunk and hanging storage – again making use of vertical spaces. Also, consider rotating their wardrobes between summer and winter and storing the other season’s things out of the room – in your loft or other suitable storage.

Larger Rooms – Creating Each Child’s Own Space

If you have a larger room to work with, then it is less about saving space and more about giving each child a sense of privacy. Dividing the room with a sliding door or screen door means they have a place to call their own but can keep the room open plan when they want to play together, and this is an especially good option if you have a boy and girl sharing or two kids with a big age gap who want to do different things in their room.

Ask each child to keep their own things in their part of the room, and to respect their sibling’s space and only go in there if they are invited. This gives the kids a sense of having their own place, but they won’t get lonely because their sibling is just on the other side of the screen!

Sharing a room is necessary for lots of kids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a room they love and the privacy they’ll sometimes want!

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