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5 Important Amenities to Splurge on When Designing Your Dream Home

Dream Home Amenities

You’ve been saving for years, and it’s finally time to cash in and build your dream home. However, unless you’re truly a millionaire, you might not be able to get every single feature you’d like. When it comes time to choose which amenities will go and which amenities will stay, be sure to splurge on the following.

A Kitchen With Storage

A kitchen is definitely one place you should never slack off. While you can easily upgrade appliances and surfaces in the future if you want something a little more refined, one area that’s harder to improve upon is storage. That’s why you should design a kitchen that has a walk-in pantry or dedicated storage area. Choose cabinets that have plenty of space, and consider adding options for basket drawers, stackable bins, and shelves and racks.

An Outdoor Oasis

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When the weather is nice, and the sun is shining, you don’t want to be cooped up in your home. Instead, be sure to design a space that will allow you to take advantage of outdoor fun. For example, if you plan on having frequent backyard barbecues, choose a deck or patio that can hold your grill and some seating. If you’d prefer a place for the kids to play, pick out a play set that will fit in the dimensions of your yard.

You might even consider adding some outdoor TVs and couches for the ultimate in relaxation. Just make sure to plan out the space before you build, as otherwise, you might not have enough room to create the setup you want.

An Advanced Thermostat

Science is only going to get more advanced from here, so don’t build a home that’s living in the past. Choose a smart thermostat for your home so that you can control your HVAC system on the go. By getting a system that automatically adjusts the temperature based on your habits, you’ll save big on your utility bill without any extra effort. Plus, you’ll always be comfortable without the hassle of tinkering with the temperature settings.

A Bathroom to Die For

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What’s the point in building a new home if you can’t have a killer en-suite bathroom? The bathroom is your one place to unwind in relative privacy, so go all out according to your wants and needs. Some people prefer giant soaker Jacuzzi tubs, while others might like a rainfall shower. The choice is yours.

A Security System

You can never be too safe, especially if you’re the fancy new house on the block. An advanced security system will monitor your family and your possessions to ensure everything is safe and sound at all times. Many modern systems include live camera feeds, remote door and window locking, and alarm alerts to scare away intruders. All of these features offer you peace of mind that will truly transform your home into a reliable sanctuary.

You can’t splurge on everything you’d like when designing your new home — it might bankrupt you. However, by investing in the above features, you’ll create a safe haven that you’ll enjoy living in for years to come.

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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