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DreamWorks Animation | Dawn of the Croods Premieres Tomorrow on Netflix

The time has finally come and just in time for the holidays! Tomorrow, 12/24/15 is the world premiere of DreamWorks Animation’s Dawn of the Croods arriving on Netflix! I wanted to share these hilarious clips that paint a portrait of what to expect in the prequel to the popular film. I also have some more photos from the series that will help get you excitement of the new series that showcases the world’s first family who deals with modern-day problems for the first time in history.

What walks on all fours, can’t talk, and is both lovable and ferocious? Meet Sandy, the fiercest and youngest member of the Croods. Watch Sandy take on Ahhh! Valley’s resident Liyotes when Dawn of the Croods premeires exclusively on Netflix on 12/24.

Everyone in Ahhh! Valley is bonking to know if Thunk’s imaginary hero, Hunk Tugga-lug, will escape the fiery depths of a volcano.  Find out how Thunk ends the very first fictional story when Dawn of the Croods debuts exclusively on Netflix on 12/24.

Clip Description: Veggie-eatians, are they plant or people eaters? What is the true origin of a veggie-eatian, aka, vegetarian? Find out on an all-new series Dawn of the Croods coming to Netflix, December 24th.

Clip Description: Everyone has that one clingy friend. Meet Lerk, the world’s first “best friend” in an all-new series Dawn of the Croods on Netflix, December 24th.

This is going to be the perfect show to bring our family together during this Christmas holiday.

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