children activeHealth is important to everyone. We all want to stay strong and healthy and key to this is getting the fitness bug early.

It is healthy habits that keep us fit from childhood into our old age, so helping your children to enjoy being active is vitally important. Taking them to the park when they are young and getting a trampoline and trike for them to enjoy are both steps in the right direction, but it is important to keep your children active, as they get older. There are several ways to do this.

Foster a love of sport in your kids

Encouraging your children to take an interest in sport is a good first step. It is a great way to encourage them to start participating and learning to love sports.

Studies show that children who take part in sport carry on being active into adulthood. Getting your children interested in staying physically active is a gift that keeps on giving, throughout their lives. It is also highly likely that they will pass that love of physical activity onto the next generation, so your grandchildren can benefit too.

Stay active as a family

Most important of all is setting a good example yourself. If you are active, your children are far more likely to enjoy physical activities as well. As you know, children mainly learn by example.

Going to the movies is fun, but a theme park is even more fun and it is a great way to go for a long walk. The more fun you make activities the more likely it is your children will carry on being active into adulthood. Try to plan at least one physical activity with each child every week.

You don’t need to leave home to be active

That can be as simple as doing some yoga together or taking the dog for a walk. You do not necessarily have to book a court and buy expensive sports equipment.

Setting up jumper goal posts in the garden or at the park and enjoying a kick around is a really easy and inexpensive way for everyone to get some exercise and have some fun. A basketball hoop in the yard or a baseball glove and ball are also not expensive yet provide hours of fun.

Get on your bikes

Cycling as a family is another great way to get out and stay active. You just need to find a good online bike shop and buy everyone a bike.

Councils and attractions are realising that people love cycling, so new cycle routes are opening all of the time. In most areas, you will also find at least one bike club.

Cycling is one of the best possible forms of exercise there is. You give your heart and lungs a workout as well as your body. It is a great way to travel too. If there is a safe route to your child’s school it is well worth considering letting them cycle to school. You can also cycle to the shops or work to get in some exercise every day.


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