Engagement & Wedding Trends

If you are planning a 2014 wedding, you might choose from an array of exciting engagement and wedding trends. When you begin organizing the details of your special day, you will see that the possibilities have never been more abundant and appealing than they are today. Whether you seek a modern dress design for your bridesmaids, a vintage set of rings for you and your beloved, or the latest suit style for your groomsmen, you have much to consider.

Dresses for the Bridesmaids

In recent years, fashions for bridesmaids have changed considerably. The days of unappealing dresses for bridesmaids have passed. The modern bridesmaid should wear a gown that beautifully complements the bride. Today, you might select from a wide range of gowns that your bridesmaids can wear, from long gowns to relatively short dresses. On a warm summer day, your bridesmaids could wear a pink, sheer design, and they may also display hats to match their dresses. If your wedding will be in autumn, you might ask your bridesmaids to wear velvet gowns in hues such as orange, yellow, and even red.

Suits for the Groom and Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen in a wedding should appear as fashionable as the bride and bridesmaids. Depending on your personal style and the theme of your wedding, you could select from a vast array of options. If your theme is formal, you might select silvery suits of silk, and you may even suggest top hats to complete the look. If your groom has an unconventional sense of style, he may wish to express that at your wedding. He might want to wear a purple leather tie and a brown velvet suit. His groomsmen might wear suits and ties that match his whimsical style. 2014 also offers plenty of choices to those who are planning casual weddings. At a casual wedding, one of the latest suits in gray or blue could be perfect.

Groom’s Fashion – via Chic Vintage Brides

Finding the Ideal Bridal Ensemble

You do not have search endlessly to find a great wedding dress. Several of the most recent styles are breathtaking. If you are planning a spectacular event, you might consider a 2014 Vera Wang gown that has a black bodice and a white skirt. You may also appreciate a dramatic 2014 design by Oscar de la Renta, which consists of yards of fabric in white and a dreamy shade of pale blue. If you cannot afford a designer original, you still have a vast assortment of styles to browse. You may want to display a sleek, beaded gown with a shimmery veil. At a beach wedding, you might wear a gorgeous dress that falls to the middle of your legs, elegant sandals, and a sunhat with a broad rim.

Trends in Jewelry

The jewelry that you wear with your wedding ensemble is important. A stunning necklace can transform an ordinary look into one that is unforgettable. You might select a lovely tiara designed by a New York artisan. You may also opt to wear a pair of green and gold chandelier earrings found on Etsy.

Rings are often considered to be the most important aspect of engagement and wedding fashion. One of the most popular recent trends is to wear vintage engagement and wedding rings. If you do not own a family heirloom that you can wear, you and your beloved can always buy antique rings. You can also select a ring in a vintage style that is not an antique.

Engagement and wedding fashion trends have never been more exciting. You may opt from an abundance of styles. You can have the wedding of your dreams, and you, your groom, and your wedding attendants can all dress accordingly.


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