With the new mantra of getting towards a healthier and environment-friendly life, more and more people want to opt for the food and lifestyle that promotes sustained and physically fit life. Many even want to change the mode of celebration but when desserts or delicious pastry comes along, it becomes hard to resist. It is not a good idea to compromise totally on the taste as this is also an indispensable part of the life that can’t be ignored while living life. What to do and how to do?

There are many things that you can do without regretting about what you had during the celebration time. You health efforts will not be curtailed by sticking to healthy cake recipes that are explained below.

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  1. Substitute the Flour With Whole Wheat Flour or Multigrain Flour- Flour always needs to prepare a fresh and tasty cake and the gluten-laden flour has an adverse impact on health. When you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, the intake of fiber and minerals becomes utmost important. The multigrain along with whole wheat has a high quantity of fiber in them which helps in maintaining body water balance. Nowadays online buying has become the most reliable option to choose for the better services so you can buy cake online in Bangalore or any other city in India. Though the costs of these cakes have gone marginally up they are a better way towards healthy living.
  2. Replace Sugar with Coconut Sugar or Jaggery- Sugar is one of the main causes that restrict the weight loss. Rather than getting away from sugar, it is better to substitute the existing sugar with coconut sugar which works as anti-oxidants and help you to regulate the metabolism in a proper manner. Many home bakers have started using jaggery instead of sugar because they are free from chemicals and are much better for the body.
  3. Use of Fruit- Rather than using fruit syrup or fruit concentrate that is laden with preservative and chemical those adversely affect the health, use actual fruit pulp. They are easy to digest and add the taste to the cake in a realistic manner. Those who love to have pineapple, strawberry, mango or other fruit flavor cake will definitely appreciate the taste of the cake made with fresh fruits.
  4. Sugar-free Cake- For people suffering from diabetes, sugar-free cakes are available in stores across bakeries. If you want to celebrate with older people who are having diabetes, this is the best options as they will enjoy the moment with you and not shy away from having something that can impact their health.
  5. Yogurt Cakes- This cake is becoming common with health-conscious generation. Yogurts are best for maintaining the water level in the body and improve the overall digestion process. The main ingredient in the cake is yogurt and thus it becomes lighter than other cakes. You can the flavor like lemon or blueberry as per your taste.
  6. Gluten-free Coconut Cake- If you are vegetarian or want to follow a fully vegan diet, this perfectly suits you. There is no bound that only vegetarian people can have it as this cake has marvelous taste. The cake can be made fluffy, creamy and sugar-free. With the emergence of the festive season in India, this can be something that replaces the traditional sweets as gifts for Diwali. As people love to receive gifts on any festive season and it also reflects the feeling of love and cares to them.

These are few of the ideas that you can inculcate in daily lifestyle if you don’t want to compromise on both taste and health. There are many more recipes available online that you can go through but to start, the information above can be useful.


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