Pack for a Blue Sky Family VacationFamily vacations are the best. We all look forward to them, often saving up all year for the pleasure of a week in the sun with our loved ones. Once you arrive at your chosen destination, you can chill out and enjoy the time away, but before you end up sitting next to the pool, watching the kids play, you have an awful lot of packing to do. So what items need to be on the packing list?

Packing for Mom

Since mom usually does the packing, it is best to start with your own closet. If you are only away for a week, in theory you will not need too many different garments. The average mom’s closet contains a wide range of different garments, so look for items in your closet that can tick a number of different boxes. If you don’t have much to choose from, look at online women’s clothing stores for a few ideas.

Shorts and t-shirts are a must-pack item for a summer beach vacation. These are the staple garments that will take you from the hotel to the beach, out for a lunchtime snack, and even for a day of sightseeing activities. Shorts paired with a t-shirt are casual yet comfortable, and depending on the type of shorts and t-shirt you choose can even be smart enough to take you out for dinner.

Swimwear is another must-pack beach vacation staple. If you are body confident, step out in a sexy bikini, but if your confidence took a tumble after the kids came along, look for flattering one-piece swimsuits. There are always plenty of different styles to choose from, so try a few out and see which ones you feel most comfortable in.

Other garments you will need are a sarong or cover-up for the beach, a pretty dress for date nights, and a couple of summer frocks or maxi dresses to take you out to family dinners or fancy restaurants. You may also wish to pack a long-sleeve shirt or summer knitwear garment in case the weather cools off. Lastly, don’t forget to take at least one pair of nice shoes for nights out.

Packing for the Kids

Kids don’t need much in the way of clothing on a beach vacation. They are likely to spend most of their time on the beach or in the pool, so the main garments you need to pack are swimwear, shorts and t-shirts.

For meals out and sightseeing trips, pack a few smart t-shirts for boys, and for girls, some cute dresses. Don’t pack too much, but remember that children tend to spill food and ice cream with alarming regularity, and if there are no laundry facilities, you could end up running out of clean clothing.

Shoes are important. Your kids will need a pair of sandals for days out and a pair of slip on beach shoes to protect their feet from hot sand and sharp pebbles. Rubber slip-ons or flip-flops are ideal for the beach, as they won’t be ruined if they get wet.

Other beach vacation essentials for the kids include a hat to keep the sun off, high-protection sun cream to prevent sunburn, and a long-sleeve top or jacket if there is any chance the weather could turn.

Packing for Your Partner

If you have been tasked with packing your partner’s case too, make sure you include swimwear and a selection of shorts and t-shirts. He will also need at least one smart shirt and trousers, so if you fancy a meal out in a nice restaurant, he won’t be refused entry. Don’t forget to pack a decent pair of shoes to go with the outfit, and a tie, just in case.

Other items your partner might need include a hat to protect his head from the sun, a long-sleeve top or jacket for cooler evenings, and some beach sandals. He might also appreciate a pair of jeans or some cargo pants for day trips out.

Packing Hacks

Packing isn’t rocket science, but it is all-too-easy to leave essential items at home if you are not organized. To avoid making this error, make a list before you start and share it with everyone so they can add things to the list or offer suggestions.

Start packing for the vacation a few days before you leave, so you have plenty of time to replace items that need replacing. As you pack items, tick them off your list and remember to take the list with you so you don’t leave anything behind.


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