When you think of an at-home first aid kit that is meant for the family,a number of things come to mind such as bandages, gauze, surgical tape, scissors, etc. Did you know that there’s another type of first aid kit that you can build that is just as helpful but in a different way?

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular as a way of treating everyday health issues that pop up, and may just be beneficial for you and your family to invest in. Here’s a look at the must have essential oils that you need in your home in order to create a first aid kit.

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Peppermint is an excellent oil for those who suffer from nausea, headaches, indigestion, painful inflamed joints, and sinus congestion. As an added bonus, it can help keep insects away such as ants. You can add a couple of dabs to the area that is suffering, or you can blend it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil so that it spreads easily.


Lavender is known for its soothing properties. When rubbed on your wrists, feet, or temples it will instantly start to calm you. It can be helpful for kids who are feeling anxious or having a hard time sleeping. You can also add it to a carrier oil or even add a few small drops to warm bathtub. Some people even like to add a couple of drops to their pillowcase to promote that calmness all night long.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has a multitude of uses and is an absolute must have in the house. It can be used as a makeup remover, it is an antiseptic that soothes sores, it eliminates toe fungus and fights odor, it helps to soothe cold sores, ease the itch of chicken pox, relieve psoriasis, and eliminate painful boils.


Eucalyptus oil may just prove to be one of the most helpful oils to have during cold and flu season. When used in the bath or in a diff user it can help to clear your nasal passages and allow you to breathe easier. This can also be great for those who suffer from allergies.


With lemon essential oil, you’ll find it works as a great way to purify and cleanse, offers relief from coughing, fights bad breath, helps with digestion, can relieve nausea and calm your stomach, and promotes weight loss.

Look for a Pre-Made Kit

If searching for each of these oils seems like too much work, you can always look around for pre-made kits that contain all the most popular oils. Some companies such as doTERRA oils even have their own unique blends so that you don’t have to do the blending and mixing at home. An excellent example is their Breathe blend, which is meant to help with respiratory issues. It’s ideal during cold and flu season when it can be hard to sleep at night due to congested airways.

Essential oils can act as a wonderful way to help ease the symptoms of common ailments that pop up throughout the year, so having them on-hand can be quite helpful. witch hazel.


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