Essential Traits of Security Officers

If you look around at some of the local facilities and properties in your area that make use of security guards, you may see some that you think are doing a good job and others that may seem like they are not really fit for the position they hold. This can make you question just where you should turn for your own property to find a quality security company to work with. You want to be sure that the officers you get to work for you are going to be fully up to the task and do the job so that anyone that comes into your facility is going to feel safe and protected and know they have someone to turn to for help if it is needed. In order to find the best you want to look for a company that has security guards that have these essential traits:

  • Calm and Collected – you have probably seen plenty of news stories, videos on the Internet or even witnessed situations yourself where there have been security guards that look lost in a crisis or do not know how to deal well with the public, leading to incidents that could have potentially bad results. You want to be sure that any service you are considering has officers that are calm and collected at all times. This means they are able to deal with any situation that may arise with the same calm demeanor so you can be sure that everything is dealt with in the safest, securest and most proper way.
  • Aware and Attentive – One of the primary missions of any security guard is to make sure they are aware of their surroundings at all times. You want guards that keep a keen eye out for potential disruptions or issues and are not simply present. A good officer will do regular monitoring of the area on foot and with the use of video and surveillance equipment so they are aware of everything going on at any moment, whether it is the middle of the day or middle of the night.
  • Alert and Active – Monitoring the area is just a portion of the job; a good officer needs to be alert and ready to act right away to head off potentially volatile situations or disrupt criminal activity before it escalates. This means knowing what is going on and what the proper response is to the situation. This can mean approaching suspects, calling authorities or taking the appropriate action to protect others and themselves.

Security Officers

When you are looking at security companies to use for your own facility you want to be sure to learn as much about the quality of the officers available to you as you can so you can be sure they have the traits you want the most. For Houston security services that has the guards that will work the best for you, you want to hire Mustang Security and Investigations, Inc. They have experience trained and expert guards available to help you with any type of security you require.


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