Fashionista In this day and age of Pinterest and other social media sites, it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever to be a fashionista. In days past, people might have had to pick up magazines to find out what was in style. These days, however, images bombard us. It’s easy to really show your own unique personality through fashion, and if you are someone, know someone, or aspire to be someone who’s in the know in the fashion world, send them here. We’re sharing what every fashionista should have on her wish list.

Carpe Classic Diem

Sometimes we try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to fashion, but we don’t need to. There are certain things that every woman should have in her closet. Of course, there’s the “LBD”, or little black dress. There’s the simple white tee and white button-down shirt. There should be a pair of distressed jeans that weren’t bought in 1992. You should have stylish socks that match, like these pairs from That’s right, we’re on to those of you who try to sneak those mismatched socks to work under the guise of shoes and long pants. Shame on you. Most of all, though, every proper fashionista should own a leather handbag. While purse trends come and go, the leather handbag is always in style. To boot, it cleans easily, it’s durable, and it’s elegant. Of course, animal activists can go for faux leather, but you need to spend enough money that it looks and feels like real leather.

AMSAP (As Many Shoes As Possible)

We know everyone has varying budgets so we don’t expect everyone to own Jimmy Choos, but fashionistas should ideally have a wide variety of shoes. In this day and age, a cute pair of tennis shoes and/or sneakers can be as fashionable as high heels. But a stylish pair of flats is also a must. Sandals in the summer are simply suave, of course. And, while high heels are not recommended for trotting around any city, fashionistas should own a few pair of these for dinners out, special occasions, or any time they want to take their tee and jeans from ordinary to extraordinary. Shoes are a fantastic way for fashionistas to make each outfit look different.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

These are a must for each fashionista, especially for those of us who are on a budget. As with shoes, the right accessory can help you wear the same outfit two days in a row without anyone even knowing. Imagine! That white tee and jeans could even be worn all week but, if you throw in a floppy brim fedora, a statement necklace, or a leopard print scarf, you’ll look like your wardrobe is endless. Many women spend the majority of their fashion budget on accessories for this very reason. You can take 5-10 classic outfits and make them look different each time.

Some Serious Shade

It doesn’t matter if you live in NYC, Miami, or Podunk, Nebraska—you need sunglasses. Protecting your eyes is no laughing matter, so you should expect to drop some coin on a good pair to actually protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Once you’ve done that, however, you can have some fun with fashion. And there are so many choices these days! From cat-eye and Aviators to Wayfarers and oversized “Jackie Os”, the possibilities for sunglasses are seemingly endless. Meet and greet the sun in style and safety.

Want to know what every fashionista should have on her wish list? Read this! From sunglasses to shoes to the most important accessories, you’ll be dressing in style.


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