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The newest Disney Channel Original Movie, Bad Hair Day, stars Leigh-Allyn Baker as “Liz”, and Laura Marano as “Monica”.

Ba-Bam! On a recent press trip to Los Angeles with Disney and ABC, I had the unique opportunity to screen the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Bad Hair Day. Executive Producer and star of the movie, Leigh-Allyn Baker was on hand to chat with us and even sat in on the screening. Bad Hair Day premieres Friday February 13 on the Disney Channel; don’t miss it!


Leigh-Allyn Baker’s new Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), Bad Hair Day, is “fraught with comedy and heart and also has a great messages for girls. You know, Monica (Laura Marano) doesn’t end up with her prince charming. Monica chooses MIT. Heck yeah, she does, you know!” Leigh-Allyn told us.

I actually had no idea that Leigh-Allyn would sit in with us for the screening, but she did, right in front me of actually! Leigh-Allyn mentioned that she had not seen the movie with an audience and it was really refreshing for her to experience that.

When you read the script what made you want to get more involved in the executive producing role rather than just being a part of the action?

LAB: As my husband said, they’re finally gonna pay you to micromanage everybody else. I found it very tempting to see if I had it in me to see something build from the ground up and to really be brave and be bold to put my vision out there and not hide behind somebody else’s vision. I mean you guys know who Amy Duncan is — I’m sure you can tell when I adlib or when I riff on Good Luck Charlie. You can tell in here, too. I know you’re all laughing when I do certain, silly things. So I just wanted to see what other creative elements I could bring to this.

When Leigh-Allyn was asked what her favorite part of shooting was she quickly replied that “it was all fun to shoot, and such a ride. We shot the entire movie in 22 days.”

Leigh-Allyn was just how I imagined she’d be: funny, sweet, did I mention funny?, and very genuine. Being a working parent, Leigh-Allyn mentioned how hard it is to leave her children at home while she is off working, and that if she’s going to leave her kids to work, she is going to make sure she is doing something she loves. Which makes total sense.

Do you think you put a lot of yourself into your characters?

LAB: Absolutely. I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that about Amy Duncan’s behavior.  Amy Duncan is really my most, most, most feminine side and then Liz is, Liz is really me at home. I mean I have two boys. I know how to get down and dirty. It’s just really fun for me also to show that I am an actor and, every actor says I’m not a one trick pony. I can do other things. So that is one of the things that really intrigued me about this is –  how different can I show myself? Wash all the makeup off, change the hair, put some slubby clothes on me and let’s go to town.  

Meet Liz!
Meet Liz!

Bad Hair Day is the first DCOM with an adult lead in it. It also has the first car chase sequence, the first of it’s kind for a DCOM, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The whole family can sit and enjoy this movie.

 You talked about there being several messages from this movie for young girls. What’s the one message you would like them to take away from this movie?

LAB: Your identity, who you are, comes from the inside. It doesn’t come from what’s out here. That’s the main message. A lot of people like to toss around “believe in yourself”, but it’s more than believing in yourself. It’s knowing yourself and being okay with who you are and not looking for approval from others and knowing when to call for backup. 

Leigh-Allyn was asked if there would be a sequel where we get to Monica at MIT? Without hesitant Leigh-Allyn replied “Well, let me just tell you honey, it’s already been pitched and as far as I’m concerned it’s in the works.”

It was so much fun chatting with Leigh-Allyn Baker about her new movie. A huge thanks to Leigh-Allyn for taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with our group of mom and dad bloggers. Leigh-Allyn is the genuine article: every bit as sweet as I thought she’d be.

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Watch for my full movie review, coming soon!

Bad Hair Day premieres Friday, February 13 at 8pm/7c on the Disney Channel.



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