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Exercise Alternatives for Going to the Gym

While many of us are fully aware that regular exercise is vital for our health, the effort of going to the gym can be more than some are willing to exert.

Combine that with the fact that after a full day of work—whether that means crunching numbers at an accounting firm or transcribing conversations at Provider’s Choice Scribe Services—the last thing many of us want to do is head to a place that will just make us more tired.

However, there are plenty of exercise alternatives for going to the gym that aren’t only healthy, but actually highly enjoyable. Here are a few of our favorites.

Taking a Hike


Why would jog on the treadmill when you could take a beautiful hike through the woods? Not only will this let you get a breath of fresh air, but you will also also be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature during your exercise.

You could hike along a marked trail, along the edge of a lake, through the woods, or anywhere else you think might make for a pleasant time.

Doing Yoga


If you’ve never done yoga before, you’re missing out. It clears your mind and allows you to interact with nature in a peaceful way unlike any other. You can do this from the comfort of your backyard, at the park, near a stream, or just about anywhere else.

If you prefer to go to a studio with others, that’s great too! You won’t have to worry about fighting anybody over a weight bench or a treadmill either.

Riding A Bike


When’s the last time you just hopped on a bike and went for a ride? If it’s been a while, it might be time to whip the old two-wheeler out for a joyride. Cycling is a great way to burn calories and work your leg muscles at the same time. Plus, you can have a friend, your child or partner join you for a fun ride around town to make the experience all the better.

Going Swimming

Swimming is by far one of the best exercises you can do for your body in terms of results. Because it requires you to utilize multiple muscles at the same time, you burn calories faster and work more muscles while doing so. On top of that, it’s also incredibly fun!

Whether you’re swimming in the pool, a lake, or even in the ocean, swimming continues to be an efficient way to exercise outside of the gym.

Fit and Fun


These are all excellent alternatives for going to the gym. If you’re looking for a way to get your sixty minutes of exercise in each day without stepping a single foot into the gym, give these things a try and see if they’re something that you wouldn’t mind sticking with for a while.

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