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Experience your next family travel on a Caribbean Cruises


Taking the family away on a cruise may be one of the most memorable things you ever do together. For many it is the perfect holiday, as there is plenty for the kids to do on board and on shore, and time too for tired mums and dads to have a well earned rest! If you’re new to cruises, then the best place to consider is the Caribbean. 

Relax and Have Fun

Firstly, consider the facilities you would like on board. As a general rule, the newer the liner is the more choice onboard there is likely to be. Some ships offer as many as four levels of entertainment based on age. if you’re lucky, the on board activities will be enough to keep your kids entertained for the duration giving you time to relax. Great activities include movies and swimming pool/ water play areas, competitions, fancy dress parades and circus skill workshops. 

Know the Kids Are Safe

Caribbean Cruises should be relaxing for the adults too, so make sure you check the following specific points. Firstly, are meal times fixed? Some cruises allow total flexibility and things like early youngsters’ tea. Secondly, what babysitting services are offered – there’s usually plenty going on in the evening with cabaret shows, films and karaoke. Perhaps you’d just like to enjoy a glass of wine under the stars? Here are some great example itineraries.

Exciting Stop-Off Points

Finally, decide what ports to disembark at. Barbados for example offers the chance to swim and even feed friendly sea turtles while the lovely island of Santa Lucia features horseback rides along the beach, or even a picturesque helicopter flight over the island. If you opt to go further west – there really is no better spot than Jamaica. Although a short excursion is not long enough to do it justice, on this colourful and beautiful island you can still treat the family to a great day out. Head to Falmouth where you can swim with dolphins (and sharks!) and buy some local produced handicrafts. Or even stop off further west in the Mexican island of Cozumel. Water babies will be right at home, with excellent snorkeling and SCUBA diving at the spectacular coral reefs.

Do a little bit of homework before your cruise and you will be able to relax knowing that the whole family is being catered for. The rest, as they say, will be plain sailing.

Image by Roel van Deursen, used under Creative Commons license. 

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