Fabulous Mom Blog Guest Post Guide

Fabulous Mom Blog is your one-stop destination for all things related to motherhood and family. As a complete lifestyle blog, we focus on offering information and inspiration that can help our readers bring about positive changes in their home, lifestyle and personality. With more than 100,000 subscribers, our challenge is to produce content that engages with our audience and keeps them coming back for more.
If this sounds exciting to you and is something that you see yourself as a part of, we welcome you to submit articles as a guest contributor. We welcome guest blogs on all topics including food, DIY, beauty, fashion and entertainment. Please read the guidelines for guest posts before sending us your article.
We aim for excellence. And we’re serious about it. We have zero tolerance for fluff because we respect our readers as intelligent people. All our articles and posts are based on thorough research from credible sources. We expect the same standards of rigorous fact-checking, unbiased views and meaningful content from our guest contributors. Your article should have a minimum word count of 1000 words.

Provide visual orientation. The Internet is a visual medium and most of the time, our readers rely on visuals and images to access the information they need. Please provide copyright-free images, charts and screenshots to support the content of your article.

Be specific and relevant. We want our articles to add something meaningful and significant to our readers’ lives. Instead of rehashing available content, focus on a direct benefit in your article. The following titles reflect a direct focus:

• Shopping on eBay? Here are 3 simple strategies to get the best deal
• Five Facebook marketing strategies to attract your first 1,000 customers
• Here are the Best Ways to Organize Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

Avoid repetition: We expect you to avoid sending in articles similar to ones previously published on our site. Please go over our contents list to become familiar with our articles.

Be original: As mentioned earlier, we believe in content backed by conscientious research. Make sure your article is 100% original and does not infringe any copyright. Plagiarized content will not be entertained.

Be respectful: Our articles are for regular people who are excited about making their daily life richer and more productive. We respect their time and sensibilities by being non-discriminatory, welcoming to diversity, and to the point.
Adopt a friendly tone. in your article to make your ideas palatable and easier to understand. One of the basic goals of our content is to stimulate engagement and conversation with our readers. Hence, we request you to maintain a tone that is inviting, approachable and engaging.

To submit your guest post:
Email it to us at zainab@fabulousmomblog.com

Make sure that you also include the following with your article:

• A brief personal bio with a profile picture
• A portfolio of previous published work, if any

We acknowledge all submissions within 10 days of receipt. If we are unable to publish your article within 2 weeks of submission, you may submit it for publication elsewhere.