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Fabulous Mom Blog is an ad free zone, has been for a few weeks now. Deciding to go ad free has been something I’ve gone back and forth on for a while, but my mind is finally made up.

When I first started bloggin,g I thought it was a major honor to be asked by a super huge marketing agency to place ads on my blog for them. But you know what? It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. At first, I was excited about collecting some passive income from my blog. The monthly Paypal deposits were nice, but in end they weren’t enough.

First, I started noticing ads on my blog from companies that I don’t support. If I don’t support a company or brand myself, I don’t want to give them space on my blog. Also, ads were coming through that I don’t consider family friendly. Naked men and women, and booze. Sexually suggestive ads being placed on my blog isn’t what I signed up for.

I definitely don’t consider myself a prude. I’m actually very liberal, but when it comes to my blog, I like to keep things more conservative and neutral, as to not offend my blog readers or miss out on certain opportunities. Plus, I didn’t like how ads looked on my blog. And I didn’t like that I couldn’t control what ads where being featured on my blog.

I want people to click over to Fabulous Mom Blog and stay a while. I don’t wait readers to see so many ads that they feel distracted or have to cross out or turn the volume down on their computers. Yes, some of the annoying ads I’m talking about had sound to go along with them. Some ads would even float over my content area and require you (the reader) to close them out before being able to read my blog. Furthermore, I didn’t like the ads that ‘took over’ my blog. I like my white background. For some bloggers, ads work for them, but not for me. I’m not saying that I won’t read blogs with ads on them, I just don’t want them on mine.

From here on out, you won’t see ads here. I’m happy with my decision.

How do you feel about ads on blogs you read?

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