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Fabulous Nail Hacks

Think you can only get great nails when you spend hours in the nail salon? Just because busy, doesn’t mean that you don’t have time for fabulous nails. Budget is no excuse either. Here are some fabulous nail hacks brought to you by time-pressed style experts– try these next time you want better nails.

fabulous nail hacks

1.  Get a Daily Ritual

If you want better nails it really pays to set up a simple nail care ritual you do every day – it will soon become second nature and will keep your nails in tip-top condition, ready for the next manicure or treatment. Every day, apply cuticle oil – massage it into your cuticles and the nails themselves. Keep your nails filed to a nice length. And use moisturizer on your hands to set off the look.

2.  Don’t Soak Your Hands

Whatever you do before you paint your nails or do a manicure, don’t soak them in water. Give your hands a brief wash and then dry the hands and nails. Soaking the nails causes the nail plat (Is this a typo) to inflate as it absorbs water and it will then deflate, making the polish flake off.

3.  Use Polish Gently

Don’t pile on the pressure – pushing down on the brush causes the bristles to spread into the polish and this drags it across the nail. You also have the potential to send color into the skin. Use a flat brush or oval brush and maintain a light pressure as you glide the color across the nail plate.

And Remember to apply a top coat after you have used your favorite shade. Many people skip this because they are short of time but it really is essential if you want your nails to stay looking good for longer than a few hours. And, of course, wait long enough for it to dry before stepping outside.

4.  Apply Press-On Gel Nails

Who would have thought that getting fabulous nails could be as simple as this? If you haven’t already seen the benefits of press-on gel nails, you really should. Press-on Gel Nails from imPRESS Manicure are ideal when you want a perfect mani but you have zero time to complete it. With designs in almost ever color combination imaginable there are 100’s of nail designs and styles to choose from to top off any look. The one – step application makes it easy to apply and pull of the perfect manicure in minutes. Simple as that.


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