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Why Facials Are Really Good for your Skin

Few industries are as impactful and prevalent as the skin care industry. Whether it’s for beauty or health, Americans spend billions taking care of their skin every year.

As we age, our skin is one of the first places that we begin to notice changes. This makes sense given that our epidermis is an outer shell that shields our insides from pollution, UV rays, toxins, heat, cold and a world of things that can hurt us. Given the important role that our skin can play in our psychological and physical health, it’s only logical that people want to take care of it.

Just as our skin evolves with time, so has the skin care industry. Technology and history have unlocked many skin care secrets that are now helping people maintain the youthfulness of their appearance.

But one treatment has stood the test of time despite the multitude of machines, tools and lasers that have flooded the market. Today, facials are still one of the most popular skin care treatments for people of all ages.

The Evolution of Facials

Like other skin care treatments, facials have come a long way in recent years. Now the treatment is tailored to a person’s exact skin type, and aestheticians are even using massage equipment to provide a luxuriously relaxing experience.

We can thank Cleopatra, a well-known skin care enthusiast, for popularizing and revolutionizing facial treatments. However, it was the ancient Greeks that are believed to first use facial masks – using ingredients and techniques that they probably learned about from their neighbors, the Egyptians.

Historians have discovered that Grecians would mash up berries and mix them with fresh milk to create a mask that was left on for a few hours before being removed. They also used a variety of plants and herbs to create oils and lotions for the skin.

The Chinese were also very influential in the development of facial treatments. Because light skin was considered ideal until recently, for hundreds of years Chinese women would use bleach treatments to lighten their complexion. Today, Korea is praised for their huge selection of revolutionary skin care products. One of the latest creations is the paper facial mask, which can be used at a spa or at home.

Now aestheticians use some of these ancient facial techniques in combination with other treatments like microdermabrasion to enhance the results. Facial massage is also used to promote better circulation so that skin glows.

As Harvard business history professor Geoffrey Jones discusses in his book about the history of beauty, the skin care industry is heavily influenced by fads and trends. Facials are destined to keep evolving based on the beauty ideals of the day. But skin care is guaranteed to be much safer and more effective today due to science and industry regulations.

The Benefits of Facials

Facials can be beneficial for people no matter how old they are. That’s because each treatment is tailor-made for your skin’s needs. Like the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, many facials use natural ingredients to solve problems without harming the skin.

One reason facials have remained so popular throughout history is because of the array of health benefits they provide.

The benefits all depend on the type of facial you receive. It’s important to note that only a licensed aesthetician should provide facials. They understand that strengths and benefits of each ingredient, and they’re trained to properly analyze the skin. With the help of a professional aesthetician you can see a noticeable difference in your skin after just one facial.

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