One trend that causes controversy but happens to be sticking around is the athleisure trend. This movement involves wearing yoga pants and leggings as a form of ultimate comfort. Athleisure clothing has a wide variety of uses that range from athletic activity (exercises and sports) to everyday wear. The dictionary even says that athleisure is casual clothing designed for both physical activity and general use. The use of yoga pants had a restriction to yoga studios, but women began to notice how comfortable they were and started wearing them during everyday activities. Athleisure has been linked to the increased demand for new health products. It is evident to see how this trend came to be.

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The reason athleisure is the fall trend to follow is that it has the flexibility to be worn for any and all activities throughout the day. Not only is this clothing movement a fall trend, but it is here to stay for a long time. Being able to match a pair of leggings with some pumps and a cute top makes this a look perfect for the office or a night out. You can use those same leggings with a tank top to go out running or stretch out in a yoga studio. Even though we automatically think about yoga pants when we are given the word athleisure, the fashion trend has a far reach into sweats, socks, shirts of all styles, and so much more.

There is an enormous market for athleisure clothing that celebrities have been joining the movement in creating brands that can be worn by women all over. The most notable are Kate Hudson with her brand Fabletics, there is also Carrie Underwood with Calia and Beyonce with Ivy Park. Not only are celebrities creating clothing to be worn, but they are also wearing these clothes regularly as well. Instead of finding pictures of celebrities wearing couture gowns and name brand clothing everywhere they go, we are finding them in clothing that any woman would wear. The celebrity hype is only adding to the trend that we have all finally accepted is going to stick around.

When we see celebrities wearing any clothing, we begin to admire them and what they chose to wear. Even if the look seems outrageous, we want to be just like those that we look up to and admire. Many of those outfits are hard to put together, master, and cost more than one person makes in a month. With athleisure, anyone can go to Walmart and buy a pair of leggings, tank top, running shoes, and any other athletic wear they may want. Making this trend the most affordable and widely worn clothing movement to possibly have ever existed.

Whether you need to go to work, the gym, or shopping, your safest, and quickest, bet is to wear something within the athleisure department. Now that leggings and yoga pants are accepted as a trend to stay, they are found everywhere. Even adding one piece of athletic clothing to a pair of jeans is part of this trend. Pairing a sweat shirt or a track suit is widely accepted as well. I know that I will be wearing athleisure clothing for a long time to come and I do not see this trend disappearing anytime soon.


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