Trampolines are a timeless bit of backyard fun and they have been popular for decades. You may have had one growing up yourself, and now that you’re starting your family, you want to get one for your own children to enjoy on those long summer days when school’s out and they’re bored. But have you considered whether or not they’re safe for children to use? In the United States alone, approximately one hundred thousand children are sent to the ER because of an injury on a trampoline every year. The majority of these accidents were entirely due to antiquated designs and substandard precautions.

Springless Trampoline Alternative

It’s no secret that kids love trampolines for hours of fun in their own backyard on a beautiful summer afternoon that never seems to end. As a parent, though, you have to think safety first, and your family deserves nothing less. When you’re shopping for a family trampoline, you want to make sure that you find the safest design available on the market. The vast majority are remarkably unsafe, but leading designs meet certain hallmarks and have been thoroughly tested for quality by qualified engineers. Below are some of the characteristics you should keep in mind when you look for a home trampoline.

No springs attached

Ordinary trampolines usually use metal springs at the side of a metal frame to connect to the jumping surface. These springs are often the cause of injuries when children fall on them, so instead of getting a trampoline with metal springs, look for flexible composite rods that are positioned below the jumping surface, unlike springs that enclose it along the side. By running beneath the jumping surface, the flexible composite rods eliminate contact with both the frame and springs themselves.

On the cutting edge of design

Springfree Trampoline is one company that, in addition to using flexible composite rods, has designed the most absorbent edge to their jumping surface ever, known as the SoftEdge mat. This mat cuts down on wear and tear and its design has earned the recognition of the International Design Award.

Zero risk enclosure net

A common product you will see today is the enclosed trampoline with net. Be sure, however, to take the poles that hold the net into consideration, since many trampolines with springs have steel poles that hold the net in place. These enclosure poles are yet another point of contact that leads to injuries in children. Shop for a trampoline that uses flexible rods to support the netting, since these rods will bend out of the way on impact and guide kids back safely within the enclosure. These are the innovations that have earned safer trampolines awards such as the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Award.

Interactive Games

Finally, there’s Springfree Trampoline’s tgoma app – an interactive digital game system integrated with the trampoline that lets kids play video games on a tablet while getting some much-needed exercise. The average child in America spends more than sixty hours a week consuming media and less than one hour getting exercise. If that’s not the kind of childhood you want your kids to have, look towards new technologies that are integrating media consumption and activity. The app games range from those targeted to younger audiences like Fruitant and MathHopper to fitness apps like tgomaFit that are great for teens and adults. Check out what people are saying about the world’s first smart trampoline, and form your own opinion. This new trampoline will help get your kids active and outdoors again and will help keep the whole family fit all summer long.


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