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Our family garden is planted and we are enjoying it so much. There isn’t anything I enjoy more than having a garden, and plants to care for. Watching a garden grow and produce vegetables and fruit my family likes to eat is a feeling of absolute joy for me. It has been years since I’ve been able to have a garden, but this spring just felt right. Sean helped me carve out a section of our backyard and now I have an adorable garden that we can all take care of.

I use to have a massive garden at our old house. I even had backyard chickens. Sadly, I had to sell the chickens when we moved and downsize during back in 2009. Sean and I decided to sell our house to pay off our debt. Luckily, my mom let us move in with her. Sean and I hit our bills hard and we were eventually were out of debt, then we found out we were having another baby. There was no way we’d all fit at my mom’s house, so we moved and found another house in the same area. We are right behind Jasmine’s school and closer to town now. The house we have now is starting to feel more like home with every touch up with make and every project we complete.

Last summer was just too hot, and having a very young child made it difficult to devote so much time to being outdoors and taking care of a garden.  Now that Seanie is older, and Jasmine can help out more, we decided that this year would be the year we planed our family garden.

I’m excited about what we have in our family garden, tomatoes, okra, egg-plant, peppers, red bell peppers, zucchini, squash, cucumber, green beans, peas, pumpkins, watermelon, corn, and even carrots. I used Sarah’s secret to planting the perfect tomato and I’m looking forward to seeing if her secrets pay off, which I’m sure they will.

The kids love helping Sean and I out in the garden and they enjoy watching the veggies and fruit grow. I just have to keep Seanie from picking the cherry tomatoes prematurely.

Stay awhile, scroll around to see a few of the photos of my family garden.

Do you have a garden? What are you growing?

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  1. I love it!!! I don’t have a garden yet, but definitely want to get one set up in the back yard. Its hard to grow in AZ but I definitely want to try!

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