Having a family pet as your child is growing up is far more important than you may think. Not only are they a cute, cuddly companion that will bring hours of joy and unconditional love to your little one, but they will also be beneficial to the social, physical and cognitive development of your child.

Family Pet for Children

Family Pet For Children

No matter what pets your children like, you need support them at your very best. There are some buying resource guide in buying specific pet such s horse, cat, dog etc. You may need to find one that meets your budget and does not cost you to suffer.

If you aren’t searching through the puppies for sale from Free ads already, then here are a few reasons why having a family pet is so important for children.

1.  Pets are Good for Children’s Health

Really! Finnish researchers found that babies exposed to dogs and cats spent fewer weeks with ear infections, coughs or runny noses, and were less likely to need antibiotics than children in pet-free homes. They concluded that dirt and allergens brought in by pets are good for babies’ immune systems.  Further studies in the U.S found that children could significantly reduce their risk of allergies including hay fever, when they own pets.

2.  Encourage Physical Activity

Another reason pets are good for your child’s health is because they require and therefore encourage physical activity. Out playing in the garden or on a walk, children will be having so much fun they won’t even realise they are actually exercising and getting much needed fresh air – more than many others might get when they are cooped up inside with their games consoles.

3.  They teach them Important Skills

Owning a pet can teach a child important skills such as responsibility, confidence, trust, empathy and many more. A particularly important skill they can teach them are social ones – especially for children with autism, whose social skills are already way behind those of a child without it. It is believed a pet can act as a catalyst for social interaction while helping to reduce the anxiety normally experienced in social situations by their owner.  

4.  Including Academic Ones

Pets can literally become a teacher for your child and definitely make doing homework much more fun! Studies have shown that animals are the perfect way to boost academic skills by becoming the perfect reading companion. When children read with a pet they can be more relaxed, due to the fact they can just read without being told they mispronounced a word or missed out a section. In fact, animals are so beneficial for this that many have been trained purely to work in schools, colleges and libraries, both as educational and therapeutic aids.

5.  Pets Can Be Used to Provide Therapy

In the first instance they are a great source of comfort to your child if they are feeling angry or upset. Animals are so beneficial for this that horses are used for equine therapy, where they help to improve the emotional well being of both children and adults.

But pets aren’t just important for your children, they are important for the whole family, providing a harmonious dynamic and lowering stress. So, whether you want a rabbit, cat or dog, start the journey to finding the furry four-legged member of your family today.  



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