Despite the fact that it has been so hot, a lot of UK women have still opted to wear maxi dresses. This is largely because as you can see here most retailers have been careful to include some lovely lightweight and floaty cuts in their collections. If you are looking for a new dress choosing a maxi cut could be the perfect option. As you will see, there are plenty of different types for you to choose from.

Perfect for a Special Occasion

If you are attending a wedding and have not yet bought your outfit, an embroidered maxi dress is well worth considering. They look quite luxurious and the weight of the embroidery means that your dress will hang well and stay in place. Plus, they will not crease easily.

Also, provided you look after your dress, you will be able to wear it more than once. This short article explains how to launder and store all kinds of embroidered garments.

If you do not like embroidered dresses consider buying a lace or beaded one instead. At the moment, there are quite a few available.

Layered Maxi Dresses

layered maxi dress

Layered maxi dresses also hang well. They are very modest too. Even in bright sunshine, there is no risk of your inadvertently showing the world your underwear. For a summer evening barbecue, they are a particularly good option.

A Strappy Maxi Dress

strappy maxi dress

If you are planning to go away for a holiday packing a strappy maxi dress is a great idea. That way, you will have something nice to wear for an evening out. When you go to the beach you can pop it on over your swimming costume. This style of dress will not take up much space in your case. Provided you choose the right type of fabric. For example, any creases that are created in your case will not show if you choose a dress that is made from crinkle-cut material.

The Bardot style is particularly nice. This classic cut looks good on most women and is particularly easy to accessorise.

A Black Jersey Maxi Dress

black jersey maxi dress

Once the weather starts to cool down you will, no doubt, want something a little heavier to wear. Jersey is a great option. It gently hugs the figure. A black version is really easy to dress up. All you need is a nice pair of strappy sandals and a set of pearls or a single piece of costume jewellery to create a simple, yet sophisticated, look.

Maxi Dresses for Plus-Size Women

plus size women maxi dress

The great thing about maxi dresses is that virtually any woman can look great in one. It is a really good option for anyone who has recently put on weight and is struggling to adapt to a new way of dressing. Maxi dresses give you confidence and the right cut can help to create definition in the right places and show off your curves. To find out more about plus-size fashion and how to get the most out of it you can take a look at this recent article I wrote on that very subject.


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