This is not a sponsored post. I just love Lush and wanted to blog about them.

A few weeks ago I shared my top 5 Lush Bath Bombs, but this week I want to share my top Lush Bubble Bars. Lush is just plain fun! If you follow my Instagram feed then you already know of my slight obsession with all things Lush. I recently took my sister-in-law into Lush for the first time. I got her a few Bath Bombs to try and she’s looking forward to trying some Bubble Bars next.

My Top 5 Lush Bubble Bars

Top 5 Lush Bubble Bars

1. Wonder Woohoo was created for Mother’s Day and is only available for a limited time. I like to run a bath with Wonder Woohoo to help me wake up. The bright and zesty orange scent perks me right up.

2. Pot in the Bath Bubble Bar was originally inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies, Mary Poppins. Mandarin oil is a delightfully uplifting citrus oil and it’s easy to lay back and in the bubbles and just relax.

3. Brightside has amazing citrus oils that not only brighten my day but tone and brighten my skin.

4. The Comforter is the perfect Bubble Bar to use before bed. The cassis absolute is super relaxing.

5. Karma Bubble Bar was created with pine and patchouli fragrance. The elemi oil in the Karma Bubble Bar has a unique aroma and plenty of skin conditioning properties.

Don’t just take a bath; appreciate your bath. Indulge yourself and truly enjoy the experience. This is something I’ve started to do more, and you should too.

How To use a Bubble Bar

If you’ve never used a Lush Bubble Bar all you do is crumble some of the bar under running warm water as you fill the tub. The amount you need to use will vary, but this bar usually yields one or two baths. The stronger your water pressure, the more bubbles you will make; we urge experimentation for best results. To get the most out of your bubble bars, keep them in a cool, dry place.

I would love for you to keep up with me via Instagram @FabulousMom. I try to keep my Lush Instagram posts down to only one per day, I promise. If you’re a Lush addict like I am make sure you check out all the fun hashtags on Instagram. Here are a few I stalk – I mean browse – from time to time, #LushCosmetics, #LushLove and #LUSHie. Stay tuned, next I’ll share my top Shampoo Bars with you.

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  1. How fun! I need to check out the ingredients to see if they’d be ok for my kiddos! Looks like something they would love! 🙂

  2. I have never… I mean, I think I have heard of these before… maybe? Are they similar to “bubble bombs”? I am so out of date with things like this! I will have to look around and see where I can find some and give them a try… or can I order them online from Lush? (See, I’m clueless!)

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