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With Fresh Wave Odors Go Away and Happiness Stays – Exclusively at Target

I did receive free product sampling to facilitate this blog post. No monetary compensation was given. Click any image for more information. 

Fresh Wave and the new line of products recently launched exclusively at Target- a mom’s haven. Fresh Wave products entirely eliminate bad smells without relying on harmful chemicals.

If you aren’t familiar, Fresh Wave odor eliminators use the power of nature to actually remove odors. No harsh chemicals, harmful ingredients and no masking fragrances. Fresh Wave is made up of just plant oils and water. Basically, the Fresh Wave line of products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and they really do work!

Fresh Wave is a must have for all moms and families, even members of a fur family, since they offer a natural solution to odor issues – and let’s be honest – sometimes bad smells happen.

Since no harsh chemicals are used to actually remove the stinky smells in your life, obviously Fresh Wave is a healthier choice than almost all the products on the market today. If you aren’t going to put harsh chemicals on your skin, why put them in the air?

Can an odor remover really make you happy? The folks at Fresh Wave think so. Why? Because their products offer a safe and natural solution for removing odors. Which of course is a healthier choice for you and your family. And when you can remove odors using natural ingredients, who isn’t happy? In fact, that usually makes their customers downright giddy! You might even catch yourself dancing the jig.

And another thing about using chemical free odor removing solutions is that my kids can help me with chores around the house, and they love to help, well, sometimes. Okay, never mind, I’m actually lying, they hate to help with chores. I only wish they enjoyed it.

Shop the large selection Fresh Wave products today.

And even better, they are available at Target!
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