photo credit: Tate Tuiller TTP
photo credit: Tate Tuiller TTP

The story goes about one man’s journey into his work as a photo booth pick-up driver. He owns his own photo booth for hire in London and here you will read some of his hilarious wedding stories ever!

The Wedding Crashers

One of the very first weddings London ever came to collect his photo booth from, he walked in as a couple discovered their wedding party had been crashed by an entire family.

No, really. They were standing over their guest book laughing, as they read an entire page written by “The Harrison’s” –they never invited anyone by that last name.

The story written by the Harrison’s mentioned key parts of the reception, and included an incredibly heart-warming message. Taped to the back of the guest book cover was a hundred dollar bill with the words “<3 the Harrison’s” scrawled on it. Some classy crashers.

The Wedding Party Hook-up

Often when London picks up a photo booth, he parks out back near the service door, which as experience would have it, is a lively place as the wedding party draws to a close.

On several occasions, London will be walking back to his truck with his gear to discover it’s occupied with wedding party guests, and the windows are fogged up.

After awkwardly knocking on the door to ask the amorous couple to take it elsewhere, London says he once had a couple invite him to a wedding a year and a half later, because he “was there the night they met”.

Passing Out and Projectile Vomiting

Weddings are horrible on the nerves, whether you’re a guest, or in the wedding party. And when people are anxious or stressed out, their body can do some pretty funny things.

The most memorable bodily function related hilarious wedding events that London remembers are when he hears about wedding party members fainting at the front of the church, or when guests have to be skirted away to the bathroom to clean up after someone’s nervous (or drunk, or both) stomach had let loose on either themselves, or an unsuspecting wedding attendee.

“It’s more common than one might think” London said laughing “and it isn’t just adults, it’s kids, too!”

The Drunken Punch Up

This one’s not only happened TO London, he’s witnessed it more frequently than he cares to admit.

The most memorable wedding fight London has ever experienced was the one time he was the one singled out by a riled up Bridegroom who mistook him for an ex-boyfriend of the Bride.

London was punched twice “like a girl” he says, and thrown into, yes, INTO a wall in the hallway as he tried to leave the area.

“It was fun times, all around. In the end, everyone felt ridiculous and worried I’d sue, so I got free champagne and all the leftovers I could fit into my truck”.

“The photo booth was fine”.

The Best Wedding Ever

For London, there is one wedding he will never forget.

On the way to one event to pick up his photo booth, he got stuck in a severe rain storm.

“I couldn’t see an arm’s length in front of my windshield, it was pretty bad”.

London pulled over at a coffee shop, and by the time he was on the road again, it was already 3am. The wedding party had wrapped up around an hour earlier, and the lone lady, the Maid of Honor, tasked with waiting for London took his breath away.

It was love at first site, and the feeling was mutual; that was six years ago, and they’ve been married for about three and a half.

“I love my job. I do a lot of business functions and family events, but nothing beats the vibe at a wedding. You can almost see the emotions flying all around”.

When you work pickup for a photo booth company, you get invited to a lot of weddings or arrive near the end of the festivities to collect your gear. Photo booth hire London Bailey has seen it all, and these are his stories.


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