What mom doesn’t want to reduce their anxiety levels and get more done in a day? These two things may seem near impossible to achieve, but an array of gadgets and apps promise to do one or both. Given that women are twice as stressed as men, it’s not surprising that moms are a target market for such devices and apps.

Let’s take a look at a few of the options that actually work.

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Technology That Protects Your Home

If you want to increase your blood pressure just think about the weaknesses in your home security. It’s not an unfounded concern. Thousands of homes are broken into every year across the country. A break-in can leave you feeling violated and unsafe in the one place where you should feel most comfortable.

Some of the greatest technological advancements in smart devices have happened in the home security industry. From being able to monitor your home security system with your phone to wireless cameras that provide a live feed to automated key less locks that can be remotely controlled, the sanity-saving options are endless.

Technology experts like Black Hat Security Systems have created complete packages of equipment and services that work together to seamlessly protect a home. They come with the latest technology including motion detectors, door sensors, wireless cameras, smart thermostats and complimentary apps that allow for real time monitoring. Having a comprehension security system makes protecting your home much less stressful.

Gadgets That Help You Get to Sleep

Nothing can exasperate anxiety more than lack of sleep. Luckily, technology is getting so good it works while we sleep. Developers have created a number of apps and gadgets that help people get to sleep and improve sleep quality. Here are a few of the top-rated products:

The 2Breathe Sleep Inducer App

If anxiety is keeping you awake the 2Breathe Sleep Inducer app can help calm your mind and

Nox System

Be your own sleep researchers with the Nox system. A band that goes around the top of your mattress can register heart rate, breathing rate, movement and sleeping patterns. All the data is compiled in the app with suggests that help you develop a better sleep plan.

Go to Sleep and Wake Mask

Now your eye mask can do more than block out the light. The Go to Sleep and Wake Mask incorporates a light that dims and brightens to help the wearer fall to sleep and wake up the next morning.

Evernote, Bear & Moodnotes – Make Your Lists More Productive

In our 24/7, information overload world keeping everything organized is a constant battle. One app has stood out in the last five years as the front runner in list-making productivity. Evernote makes it onto virtually modern-day every list of productivity tools because it’s easy to use and built for the way we process information.

With the Evernote app your lists and notes are accessible on all your devices and can be shared with others. With a few clicks you can create lists, categorize and archive them.

A new Evernote alternative is Bear. Currently it’s only available for iOS devices, but it’s got a really nice interface and most of the functionality you’ll find on Evernote, plus Siri compatibility.

You can take your note making in a new direction with Moodnotes. The app focuses on notating your feelings and tracking mood for improved self-awareness. It’s like a new way to journal, but your digital diary provides useful feedback.

Apps and Gadgets That Calm Your Nerves

Stress got you on edge? Everyone experiences stress in life. What’s most important is how we react to it. Health specialists have teamed up with tech innovators to create apps and gadgets that can be used to calm your nerves.

The Pacifica app is based on proven meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. You’ll receive tools, support and advice daily, and the app also helps you track your mood. One very helpful feature is the progress reporting. It helps you gauge how well you’re doing and identify patterns that are connected with stress.

Lantern helps you identify your strengths and weakness so you can reach your personal improvement goals. The app provides personalized self-development coaching sessions created by researchers from Penn State, Stanford and Washington University. The insight can help you manage your time and stress more efficiently.

Biofeedback devices are growing in popularity, but they aren’t created equal. The emWave2 is one of the higher rated biofeedback devices. It monitors your heart rate and helps users learn to slow it down when they’re feeling stressed.

Spire devices are similar to enWave2 monitors but instead of registering your heart rate Spire tracks your breathing. The device is worn around the waist or chest and vibrates to alert you if your breathing is off. Spire connects to an app to help you gauge how you breathe throughout the day.






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