Gallery wall ideas are a great way to beautify your interior. This timeless trend has managed to stay relevant and remains relevant even in this modern world of interior decoration.

Stylishly display your favorite prints to bring color, personality, and life into your space. Incorporate wall arts into your gallery wall for a heightened visual interest, and astound your guests with a strikingly attractive gallery wall. Of course, you can always order for your favorite wall arts and watch them take your space from bland to an imaginative masterpiece.

Decorate your space with basic, cohesive frames, ornamental decorations, and add some character to your gallery wall. With our expertly detailed home decoration tips, you can bring out the best in your space with the simple technique of gallery wall creation.

The Pro Tips

1. Go for Larger Prints


Every art enthusiast will advise choosing larger prints over smaller ones. Your gallery wall should be able to command immediate attention. And while small prints are great, large photo prints often command the focal point of decoration. A few adequately sized prints stylishly and properly placed on an accent wall should do the trick.

2. Traditional and Contemporary: A Perfect Mix Up

If you are a fan of vintage art, this combination is meant for you. An antique set of paintings in a contemporary setup is the perfect blend to rejuvenate life within your walls.

When putting together a gallery wall, ensure your paintings are cohesive — your gallery wall mustn’t look clustered. The arrangement must be properly detailed and professionally set up.

3. Create A Gallery Wall Above Your Couch

Create A Gallery Wall Above Your Couch

That wide space above your couch is a great place for a gallery wall. A well-organized gallery wall above a sofa speaks class and taste. It’s stylish, noticeable, and easy.

First, visualize how you want the gallery wall to appear, and practice on the floor or a side table. Then, when you are certain of the look you want, you can transfer all wall art to the wall.

4. Wall Arts Above a Furniture

This is an amazing way to draw attention to your aesthetics:

  • Put together a few prints of similar color palettes above a wooden shelf or a cabinet.
  • Ensure the wall arts are closely placed: This ensures it remains cohesive, thereby immensely increasing its visual effects.

5. Rainbow Wall Arts

Display rainbow wall arts in customized wooden frames can give amazingly bright atmosphere. It is a good way to add multiple colors into your décor, making it an ideal way to create a color blend. Interestingly, it will fit into any décor style due to its flexibility with colors.

While doing this, you must ensure consistency with the hues of your paints and the colors of your frame. You can choose from various options such as multi-panel frames, and other themes that can adorn various indoor and patio spaces.

6. Wall Arts on A Shelf

Add personality and style to your space by arranging wall arts and various aesthetics on a shelf. For example, you can use framed prints, pictures, flower vases, even a coffee cup to serenade the shelf.

Your choice of color is hugely determinant of the color of the background. For example, a playful mix of color would be appropriate for a plain white background.

7. Style Up Your Hallway

7. Style Up Your Hallway

The hallway is a perfect place to create a gallery wall because it is often devoid of decorative objects. Spice up your hallway today by incorporating framed photographs and various forms of paintings.

Wrapping Up

Creating wall gallery is one of the best ways to add beauty and class to your space. The tips above can help to enhance your creativity and get the best from the décor idea. Feel free to explore!


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