How does a night at Opera in only $100 or booking Beyoncé for a private Concert in around$1 million sound? The ultimate luxury bucket list from Oliver’s Travels makes your holiday even more special and extraordinary by offering you tips and tricks on adding more luxury to your life with the money you have. As highlighted by the infographic below, the $38 you spend to buy 7 Venti lattescould buy you Champagne & 6 Oysters at the Grand Central Oyster Bar instead or you could enjoy Caviar at the Olma Caviar bar for only $46 that you would otherwise spend on a week of subway meal deals. Oliver’s Travels offers premium luxury holiday spending tips and suggestions that make your vacations and trips worth every penny.

luxury holiday tripImage Source: Maxpixel

Everyone’s entitled to a little bit of luxury and decadent indulgence, and while uber-sybaritic experiences like an afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton Central Park, an African Safari or a New York Helicopter Tour followed by a marvelous dinner cruise sound almost impossible, there’s always a chance you can enjoy little luxuries on your wish list if you’re a bit heady with your spending choices. All you need to do is make informed purchase decisions with careful deliberation that will allow you more voluptuary experiences. Cut back spending on Uber rides, Coffees, Domino’s Pizzas, Fino Cigars and the gym membership, and use the money on inspirations drawn from the luxury list below like hiring a private jet for a NYC to Toronto return trip for 7 people, eating at the world’s most expensive restaurant, booking a place in virgin galactic to visit space or enjoying a Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby “Encapsulation” manicure.

Oliver’s Travels has put together some off-the-wall and voguish luxury bucket list options for you to choose in this infographic. Use these savings and spending tips to turn your vacations into memorable luxury-infused encounters and watch your dreams take a more realistic form.


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